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May 19’
Feargal Mckenna

Anexsys announced as new RelativityOne partner in the UK

Anexsys, the leading UK consulting firm specializing in legal support and e-discovery, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with global e-discovery company, Relativity, to offer its SaaS product, RelativityOne, as a new RelativityOne Certified Partner in the UK alongside its current on-premises offering.

Anexsys plans to leverage the secure and flexible cloud-based e-discovery platform across a variety of e-discovery and unstructured data matters. One of the first tenants on Anexsys’ dedicated RelativityOne environment will be a UK department who chose to operate with Anexsys via RM3717 on the Crown Commercial Service framework. Anexsys was successful in the selection process of this department due to their expertise on the e-discovery platform and ability to create custom applications unique to their workflows.

"We are excited to add RelativityOne to Anexsys' overall Relativity service offering which includes dedicated on-premise, mobile infrastructure behind the firewall, and now in the cloud via RelativityOne. We look forward to working with new and existing customers to offer them access to RelativityOne, in particular, public sector bodies who are able to procure RelativityOne via Anexsys using the Crown Commercial Service eDisclosure services framework RM3717", says Jon Chan.

As a long-time Relativity partner, Anexsys is excited to expand their suite of e-discovery services by offering RelativityOne as a RelativityOne Certified Partner. The consulting firm has invested significantly in innovation over the past few years and plans to realise this investment by harnessing the extensibility of the SaaS product to build out new and unique workflows and applications for their customers.

“It’s always great to see a long-time Relativity partner say "yes" to the growth possibilities of RelativityOne,” said Steve Couling, Managing Director and VP Sales EMEA at Relativity. “We’re excited to see how they leverage the extensibility of the platform to further build out their suite of innovative e-discovery services.”

Anexsys’ RelativityOne tenant and client data will be based exclusively in the UK on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

To find out more, get in touch via

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May 19’
Matthew Beilin

And Analytics for All…

Technology gives small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to meet or even exceed service levels of dominant enterprise-sized organisations. This opportunity exists during the disclosure phase of litigation, where advances in analytics allow solicitors to prioritise review, control costs and gain insights into large data sets.

Managing the costs of disclosure is an ongoing issue, exacerbated by rising data volumes and growing numbers of electronic documents being collected during commercial disputes. The latest attempt to combat these mounting costs is the Disclosure Pilot Scheme, (in force in the Business & Property Courts until January 2021), which aims to phase out costly and dated approaches to disclosure and replace them with collaborative, tech-based methods.

The key for solicitors acting for SMEs who want to give their clients the edge and ensure compliance with the new rules will be to embrace the technology at their disposal. Fortunately for them, price is no longer a barrier to entry.

The eDisclosure journey has entered its second phase. The case for document review platforms has been made and won, but there is work to be done to make use of eDisclosure analytics just as widespread. eDisclosure analytics come in many flavours, but the benefits are undisputed; they enable clients to prioritise review of documents which are most likely to be relevant to a case and they reduce the overall number for review. Analytics can be also used before proceedings are issued to get a better understanding of a client’s documents. Used in the right way, and under the supervision of an eDisclosure specialist, they can result in a significant time and cost saving.

As with all technologies there have been first adopters and unsurprisingly it is those with more resources at their disposal. Some large corporations are ahead of the curve when it comes to eDisclosure and have brought their eDisclosure function in house. Others are represented by major law firms who have dedicated eDisclosure departments. These departments have well-drilled procedures for dealing with electronic data, enhanced by collaborative relationships with eDisclosure companies like us.

On the other hand, there are SMEs who may very well be represented by sizeable law firms, but do not have the appetite to support a full bells and whistles eDisclosure exercise inclusive of analytics. They are using eDisclosure platforms, but in a limited way, which hands the edge to their opponents in cases where they encounter them.

Anexsys act for law firms and companies at both ends of the scale but our aim is to ensure that analytics are available to all. We want to create a level playing field for our clients and we do not believe there should be barriers to entry. Our analytics packages comprise of analytics from market leading eDisclosure platforms, cloud services, text analytics and custom-built solutions.

Our competitive pricing models include bundling of analytics with standard eDisclosure services into a manageable monthly fee. This minimizes upfront investment and spreads costs, allowing clients to avoid excessive fees where matters settle sooner than expected.

For more information email

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May 19’
Jennifer Howlett

The Eagle has Landed

At Anexsys, we pride ourselves as being the forerunners in technological awareness and development. Our solutions are fresh and our approach is innovative. Our extensive experience working with some of the top law firms in the country has given us an insight into what our clients really want when embarking on a document review exercise. Our clients need a two-pronged approach to review, amalgamating tech know-how and bespoke software development with streamlined project management and legal expertise. With the introduction of the Pilot Protocol and the necessity for increased speed and transparency of the overall review process, we believe that the role of technology in document review is becoming increasingly more difficult to escape. With that said, we don’t believe that technology alone is the solution and know the importance of ensuring that our people are the right people. So, with all of the above noted, we are delighted to introduce Anexsys Lens.

Anexsys Lens is our new managed review service offering which is ideally located in the heart of London’s legal district at our purpose-built review centre in Eagle Street, just four minutes’ walk from Holborn Tube Station. It was designed to host review teams in a secure and comfortable environment conducive to accurate and expeditious document review. With that in mind, each work station is equipped with a custom-built PC designed to maximise security and double monitors to aid the review process. Continuity of service and access to the review platform at all times is aided by a secure connection using an ultrafast fibre internet connection, with failover for resiliency.

Traditionally, review teams span various categories of the legal profession and levels of experience. Law graduates, litigation support staff, paralegals, trainee solicitors and qualified barristers and solicitors can make up some or all of a team. We believe that people = pride. We hand pick our people and are still in the process of building this out, based on; expertise, language specialism and niche areas of law. We work with qualified lawyers and paralegals who have a proven track record working as part of a review team and in delivering accurate results. We don’t believe that a review exercise is successfully carried out by throwing numbers at the issue – rather, we believe that we can achieve expeditious and excellent results through the application of technical expertise in tandem with experienced review lawyers.

We offer a range of managed review options from fully comprehensive to supervisory. A fully comprehensive service would entail sending a qualified lawyer from our team to you at the beginning of the case where they’ll sit in on the initial briefing and get to know the case – so when it comes to the compilation and creation of a briefing document for the review team – your resources won’t be taken up. We can create the brief, brief the team and monitor the progress of the review for the duration of its lifecycle. This includes the compilation of the team from our panel of reviewers, managing attendance, tracking progress, reporting on substantive issues arising from the review and providing bespoke advice in relation to ascertaining which method of TAR is best to employ to reduce the data set defensibly, maximise human resources and expedite the timeline. We know how important it is to keep clients in the loop too, so rather than furnishing unreadable metrics on a daily basis – we provide meaningful, succinct reports in a digestible format. Our reporting mechanism is malleable and we can draw up reports from basic need to know information to comprehensive technical breakdowns – client dependent and also adaptable. Reports don’t have to be static either, we can provide varied formats at different stages in line with your requirements.

We can alternatively take on a supervisory role in that we will assemble the review team and administer the brief as compiled by you. Day to day team management, progress reporting and advice on data set reduction is also included. We know how important the first week of a review is, in terms of accurately briefing the team and ensuring that each member is developing an understanding of the case at the required pace. We achieve this through daily morning meetings where document queries are raised and fielded, content is explored, progress is tracked and goals are set.

We feel that having our own in-house software development team allows you to really make our managed review service your own. Bespoke applications can be designed and integrated into Relativity (or the chosen platform) in order to streamline processes. For example, we can write and install a script to allow you to generate your own bespoke reports as and when desired, broken down by reviewer, rate, issues and overturns. This allows you to take control of the layout, content and scheduling of the reporting element of the review.

Jennifer Howlett will be heading up Anexsys Lens. She is an experienced barrister, specialising in litigation and eDisclosure. Prior to joining the team at Anexsys, she moved from the Bar to one of the largest law firms in Ireland where she managed numerous complex large-scale review projects. She would be delighted to discuss our proposition further and to offer tours of the review centre at your convenience. For further information on Anexsys Lens, please get in touch –

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Feb 19’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys arrive in Sheffield

We are excited to announce that we have taken up residence in Spaces, a co-working office in the heart of Sheffield.

Sheffield is fast becoming a hub for legal tech in the north of England after hosting Legal Tech North Conference. Kollider, a Sheffield based company who co-hosted the event, have been supporting local businesses – their investment is helping to fund innovative tech solutions and is placing Sheffield on the map for legal tech.

The new location places our development team at the centre of legal tech innovation in the north of England. Anexsys are building a next generation legal technology platform due for release in Q3 2019.

Rob Crowley, Managing Director of Anexsys commented, “We are thrilled to be joining Sheffield’s thriving and growing legal tech scene – it is the ideal location for our new development team as we look to expand in the years ahead.”

We now have seven offices in six locations throughout the UK and the move bolsters our presence outside of London, adding to offices in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

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Dec 18’
Matthew Beilin

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme – An Opportunity for a Culture Shift

From January 2019 the Disclosure Pilot Scheme will be tested in the Business & Property Courts for a two-year period. The new rules aim to promote a shift in the culture of disclosure to ensure cases are dealt with proportionately and costs are kept under control.

Proportionality: it is a principle that litigators are supposed to keep at the forefront of their minds as soon as they find themselves doing any work that is remotely chargeable. It is part and parcel of the Overriding Objective, a notion that recognises the court’s limited resources and how costly access to justice can be.

Given its lofty standing, you would expect the guidance the judiciary gives to litigators on how to dispose of their cases proportionately to be well defined. Unfortunately, it is not and litigators find themselves unable to provide their clients with real certainty as to how much it will cost to bring or defend a claim. The problem is that proportionality depends not only on the value of a claim, but on a wide array of factors, meaning that no two cases can ever really be treated in the same way.

The lack of clear direction on proportionality extends to disclosure, where costs can easily escalate and efforts to budget are often a guessing game. Next year’s Pilot is the latest attempt to remedy the problem. The new rules are not a huge departure from what existed previously but they place more emphasis on the following principles which aim to combat the mounting costs of disclosure:

  • Collaboration - the requirement for parties to collaborate is codified and they will be expected to use the Disclosure Review Document to reach a consensus on disclosure issues rather than resorting to adversarial and costly letter writing;
  • The use of technology - as a means of reducing data volumes to make the process more proportionate;
  • Accountability – parties will be expected to keep adequate records of how they have carried out their disclosure exercise and they will need to demonstrate pragmatic conduct;
  • A clamping down on the disclosure of irrelevant material (“document dumping”);
  • Sanctions for parties that fail to collaborate with their opponents and engage with the new rules.

Undoubtedly, the new rules are a step in the right direction, but it is unlikely that a “hearts and minds” approach will be the key to transformation. Litigators’ natural tendency toward, well, litigation, means that it will be very difficult for them to resist the urge to use the new framework to come up with new and inventive ways of getting one over on their opponents, with costs remaining a secondary concern.

It will be up to the judiciary to ensure they stringently apply the new rules, forcing parties to use technology where appropriate and making use of the sanctions available to them where litigators fail to get on board. If litigators are really going to be forced to play nice with each other they will need to be shown the consequences of failing to do so. This of course will require judges to fully grasp the capabilities and limitations of technology in eDisclosure to ensure they can rule on disclosure matters appropriately. If they do so, there is every chance the Pilot will have the transformative effect on the costs of disclosure that it aims for.

Matthew Beilin 
Senior Consultant

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Dec 18’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Message from the Hobs Group CEO, James Duckenfield

In the past year, the whole Group has undergone some incredibly important and exciting changes. As we head towards 2019 and beyond, we will continue to take on new challenges to help our company go from great to greater.

Hobs Repro had a record-breaking year with the acquisition of the Callprint Group. By joining forces, we are now the clear leader for reprographics in the UK. We have made investments in four focus areas:

  • The very latest digital press technology with Xerox Iridesse. We believe this is the most exciting development in digital print since the launch of HP Indigo in 1993.
  • A spectrum of scanning services, under the Hobs Exchange brand, covering bulk scanning through to meticulous legal scanning; heritage scanning and A0 flatbed scanning for fine art or old deeds.
  • Our wide format business has grown and we are investing. We now have eight HP PageWide machines for ultra fast plan and poster printing. We will focus more in this area with project management led services under the Hobs Visual Communications brand.
  • Automated bid services have seen significant success in AEC, professional services and financial services with our Qvidian®, AutoQ™ and WordIndesign™ technologies.

In Anexsys, the team have been very successful with the Crown Commercial Services framework, serving various government departments. Anexsys’ expert developers have also continued to push technological boundaries by creating a new document management system that is both mobile first and truly cloud computing first. This microservices technology will give our customers unparalleled speed and flexibility in processing and managing their documents. The platform will be launched in January 2019 through Hobs Repro as Hobshare, supporting the expansion of our Exchange business and as Papyrus for eDiscovery and ePresentment through Anexsys.

Hobs 3D, formerly ‘Hobs Studio’, has been rebranded to clearly reflect the services they provide. As well as taking on a new identity, Hobs 3D London has relocated to a state-of-the-art facility in Here East; the home of making, at the beginning of this year. The Olympic Park hosts many high-tech organisations, which places us at the very centre of UK innovation. Hobs 3D have continued to revolutionise the world of VR with the launch of the sustainable VRCUB3D - a mobile, multisensory VR platform engineered from Tri-Wall technology. The first patent pending product from the Group has been used to aid with health and safety training programs for the Thames Tideway project and has won a number of industry awards.

With so many developments underway, we plan to keep up the momentum and look forward to the bright future ahead.

On behalf of the Hobs Group, I’d like to thank the team for all their hard work and our customers for their continued business. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Warm regards,

James Duckenfield
Hobs Group CEO

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Dec 18’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

RPC partners with Anexsys

We are proud to announce that RPC has partnered with Anexsys to deliver an eDiscovery Managed Service.

The RPC Managed Service provides RPC clients with value and price certainty. Up-front investment in data storage infrastructure and software, alongside existing RPC project management capabilities, affords RPC control over the eDiscovery process.

Emily Wyllie-Ballard, RPC’s eDiscovery Manager explained, “This service enables us to scale and accelerate our eDiscovery practice, providing immediate benefits for our clients with more control over the cost of managing the exponential growth of data. Anexsys are well known for creating innovative solutions and we are pleased to partner with them on this venture.”

Rob Crowley, Managing Director of Anexsys commented, “We are delighted to partner with RPC and to provide a leading-edge subscription service focused on scalability, responsiveness and innovative service differentiators. As the electronic disclosure environment continues to evolve, particularly with the advent of the new disclosure rules - relationships such as these will be essential to leveraging the impact of increasing data volumes and reaching new levels of client service.”

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Nov 18’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

How eDisclosure can help you cope with a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

If your personal information is being collected, held or processed by a company, you are a “data subject.” As a data subject, you automatically have certain rights and protections. These include the right to obtain a copy of the personal information companies hold about you by making a data subject access request (“DSAR”). Generally speaking, giving individuals rights in relation to their data should be seen as a positive, but DSARs are being increasingly used as a weapon by ex-employees to put their former companies through a painstaking process of reviewing thousands of documents to produce the data requested.

Once you receive a DSAR, you have one month to provide the personal information requested and failure to comply can result in hefty fines. For companies that do not have well-oiled procedures in place, the prospect of complying with a DSAR can be daunting. Fortunately, using eDisclosure technology can significantly reduce the time and cost of compliance.

I have received a DSAR from a (former) employee, what do I need to do?

A DSAR does not need to be in a prescribed form and it can be made verbally or in writing. Once you have established that the DSAR you have received is valid you can seek an extension of time of up to two months to respond as well as clarification of the personal information being requested. Nevertheless, you would be wise to kick start the following five stage procedure as soon as possible:

1. Identify sources (electronic or otherwise) where documents containing an individual’s personal information may be recorded or stored

You may want to start with the individual’s HR file, or personal folders allocated to the individual. The individual’s email inbox will almost certainly contain their personal information, and you should also consider which other individuals are likely to have exchanged the individual’s personal information.

2. Reduce the number of documents that need to be reviewed for personal information to a manageable size

Using the following eDisclosure techniques will help you identify where the personal information is stored and will reduce the number of documents for review to a more manageable volume:

Filtering: Use keywords and date range filtering to restrict the documents for review to a limited number.

Email Threading: Identify all emails within the same ‘conversation’ and present only the final emails in each conversation for review. This reduces the amount of repeated content for reviewers.

Near Deduplication: Group together documents during your review so that the same reviewer sees similar documents in sequence, improving the efficiency of your review.

3. Locate the individual’s personal information in the documents found in those data sources

Using specialist tools such as Ayfie’s Supervisor to identify personal information in your documents, reduces the burden of manually searching each document. Supervisor applies next-generation natural language processing and machine learning technology to locate the personal information within the documents you have and indicates where it is stored.

Further time can be saved by outsourcing the review of the documents to a team of document review specialists. Completing the review inside the one-month time limit can be challenging.  Using seasoned reviewers will ensure the DSAR is complied with inside the deadline.

4. Ensure no personal information relating to another individual or legally privileged material is inadvertently provided to the individual

Using bespoke redaction software simplifies the process of locating repeat instances of personal or privileged information requiring redaction, ensuring the individual only receives their personal information and no one else’s.



RTK.Redact allows you to apply redactions made to a standalone document to duplicate copies, ensuring consistency in your redactions.



5. Provide the individual with copies of the personal information

Rather than spending time compiling copies of documents or personal information, copies can be exported from your eDisclosure review platform with ease.

If you are interested in hearing more about how Anexsys can assist with your DSAR, please email for further information.

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Oct 18’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Matthew Beilin joins team of eDiscovery specialists after life as a litigator

After working as a solicitor at a boutique city law firm, Matthew Beilin has now joined a team of eDiscovery specialists at Anexsys London. In this post he shares some of his thoughts after a month in the role:

Following in the footsteps of many a solicitor before me, I have made the leap out of private practice and into the world of legal tech. I joined a firm of eDiscovery specialists just over a month ago. I am no stranger to eDiscovery software and I used it regularly whilst practicing as a litigator. For the uninitiated, eDiscovery can be simply defined as the process by which potentially relevant electronic evidence in legal proceedings is collected, made searchable and reviewed. It requires the handling of huge and ever-increasing volumes of data, and a key motivator in my decision to take on this role, was the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the legal industry is taming and leveraging “Big Data,” so that it can be used to our advantage.

Funnily enough, a lot of the pre-conceived notions I had about what it would be like to work for a tech company (all heavily informed by film and TV) are more or less accurate: computer screens filled with lines of unintelligible code, widespread use of acronyms and abbreviations and a team of people who seem to find the quirks in the software they work with hilarious.

As expected, the pace is lightning quick: the time you are afforded as a litigator to contemplate your work and reach decisions is something you have no choice but to let go of. Solicitors will usually call upon eDiscovery specialists when their backs are up against wall and there is a constant pressure to deliver. What I had not counted on was the creativity involved in solving tech related problems (often the answer is not written down in a book or manual) and observing that process first-hand and having the opportunity to query the methodology employed, has been a great learning curve. I think that all solicitors would benefit from a similar experience, as a sort of immersion therapy into all things tech.

Having the benefit of the view from the other side of the fence has given me a wider understanding of how solicitors approach technology and how the acceptance of its benefits has not necessarily translated to its widespread use. In litigation, the employment of eDiscovery software is standard practice, but for most senior solicitors, getting to grips with it is still not a priority. That task is instead left to junior associates or dedicated litigation support teams. It is a workable solution and it gives more tech minded solicitors the opportunity to diversify their skill set, but it does pose a slight problem, as clients would probably benefit most if the professionals with the most legal experience working on their case (i.e. the partner or senior solicitor) took the time to truly understand the tools at their disposal.

There are a few things I miss about being a solicitor. There is something very satisfying and very human about considering the facts of your client’s case and using your understanding of the law, experience and intuition to build an argument that will hopefully convince a judge to take your client’s side. All the glory belongs to you and the rest of the legal team. Working in a tech company, the technology takes centre stage, which to some extent creates a degree of separation between you and the client you are working for.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of my role so far has been gaining an appreciation of where eDiscovery fits in an industry doing its best to navigate unknown waters. eDiscovery software has already had its moment in the sun: it is part and parcel of the disclosure phase of litigation and has already overcome the hurdle of integrating itself into standard legal practice (something legal tech relevant to other disciplines of law is still in the process of negotiating). It employs artificial intelligence techniques (supervised / unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing etc) which are evangelised at every corner of the internet and there is huge potential for current practices to be improved and new ones to be invented. Despite this, it does not attract the fanfare currently enjoyed by other areas of legal tech. Nearly all the litigators I know still see disclosure as the millstone around the neck of the litigation process: a costs headache which is time consuming, complex and unpredictable. Perhaps the key to overcoming these issues will be the further development of the technologies surrounding eDiscovery and the more widespread adoption and understanding of their use. With new legislation on the horizon (, which aims to do just that, eDiscovery will hopefully be something solicitors appreciate as they did before, and I dare say enjoy, before too long.

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Dec 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys land stateside for Relativity Fest

Relativity Fest 2017 - Chicago, Illinois

Anexsys were delighted to play a vital part in this year’s Relativity Fest. In October, the team travelled to Chicago, Illinois to attend the eDiscovery conference which attracted almost 2,000 industry professionals in the legal sector.

Relativity is a document review platform where large volumes of electronic data is stored. Corporations and law firms use this software to find evidence which can be used in court. It is used by over 160,000 individual users, belonging to more than 13,000 unique organisations in over 40 countries around the globe. Collectively, Anexsys has over a decade of experience in developing applications for Relativity.

Relativity Fest has a large Developer community and this year Stuart Craft (Head of Software Development) and Charlotte Murray (Software Engineering Consultant) from Anexsys London, were recognised at the Developer Summit as top contributors to the community's help site – an incredible achievement!

Jon Chan, Director of Technical Services at Anexsys also delivered a presentation. Jon revealed several ways to enhance Relativity's features and demonstrated the benefits of using the software.

Whilst in Chicago, the team attended a variety of sessions and discussions on topics ranging from the new features of Relativity Analytics, to software testing within Relativity. During the Relativity Fest keynote speech, Andrew Sieja, Founder and CEO of Relativity, unveiled some exciting new features coming to the platform, including improvements to Relativity Assisted Review and updates to the security around Relativity. Attending this event was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Relativity and to also share Anexsys’ experience with the software.

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Nov 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO 9001 is the world's most recognised quality management standard within an organisation.

By achieving our certification, Anexsys have demonstrated to customers and suppliers that the systems we have in place meet the high standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

To gain the certification, Anexsys showed dedication and commitment to meeting customers’ needs, operating efficient management processes and delivering consistent, good quality products and services.

We are also ISO 27001 : 2013 accredited for our commitment to information security management. If you would like to check the validity of our ISO 9001 certification or find out more about the principles we follow, please get in touch today, we would be delighted to speak with you.

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Nov 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys sign partnership with leading text analytics provider ayfie, Inc.

Anexsys is pleased to announce our partnership with ayfie, Inc., the leading provider of ayfie Inspector for Relativity - a text analytics engine used in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Anexsys will use the ayfie Inspector for Relativity application to focus on contract analytics workflows to provide eDiscovery customers with contractual insights during the M&A diligence process. Using Relativity’s review, workflow and reporting capabilities, Anexsys can tailor the contract review experience to meet the engagement-specific requirements of clients.

Rob Crowley, managing director at Anexsys commented, ‘The use of contract analytics and AI has become a regular talking point in the legal industry over the last year. Working closely with the ayfie team, we have created a powerful, flexible contract review platform that enables legal teams to filter contract value, expire dates and other contract-specific metadata to prioritize high-risk contracts and demote low-risk or expiring contracts. I’m  excited to offer ayfie’s advanced analytics capabilities as an on-demand service hosted in Relativity, backed by Anexsys’ eDiscovery consultants.’

Rob Wescott, CRO at ayfie, Inc stated, ‘For the past few months, Anexsys has served as a development partner with ayfie to create our new application, ayfie Inspector for Relativity. We’re excited to continue working with them as they provide our solution to their customers and we’re looking forward to entering a new market in the UK for M&A and other legal processes.’

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Oct 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

15,267 pages manually checked in under 24 hours


Secure Reprographics

Pinsent Masons LLP, an international law firm, were working on a high-value, high-profile case relating to a top UK sport. Working to a fixed-court deadline, Anexsys were asked to produce four sets of critical trial bundles in under 24 hours. In addition to producing the hard copy bundles, Pinsent Masons LLP also wanted a fully searchable eBible – an indexed electronic document filing system.

Key Challenges:

  • Complete the process in under 24 hours
  • Print and file 304 paginated documents
  • Maintain accuracy and manually check each trial bundle
  • Create a fully searchable eBible.

Comprising of a combination of witness statements, exhibits and correspondence, each trial bundle adhered to an index provided by the law firm; and contained 304 identically paginated documents. As the case was on-going, the Anexsys team printed and inserted additional information, as and when the index was updated.

Combining state-of-the-art digital photocopying and printing equipment, specifically designed to complete high-demand projects, the Anexsys team used their extensive experience to produce all four bundles ahead of time. They implemented real-time changes when needed and hand-turned all 15,267 pages to ensure their complete accuracy.

To create a fully searchable eBible, Anexsys’ proprietary DocumentFolio software was used. This made the documents easier to navigate, filter and read, which saved time, storage space and money. The eBible also made distributing the documents much simpler and removed the need to print further hard copies for future use as well as opening up limited office space for storage.

The trial bundles were delivered ahead of time. All four bundles were identical and accurately paginated.

Once each document was printed and thoroughly quality checked, the team personally delivered the bundles back to Pinsent Masons LLP using their secure, in-house courier service – ensuring a completely trustworthy and accurate, quality service.

“The level of service is unbelievable. Anexsys’ staff are attentive, always willing to assist and great to work with. No deadline is too soon for their team. Time and time again, they consistently perform over and above our expectations.” Alexander Richardson, Solicitor for Pinsent Masons LLP

For more, please visit our trial bundle printing page.

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Oct 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

e-Disclosure Events: The changing face of e-Disclosure

Anexsys are delighted to present our series of e-Disclosure events which are kindly presented in association with Squire Patton Boggs.

The changing face of e-Disclosure; practical insights for your legal teams

In this engaging, sociable event, we will explore the history, evolution and impact of e-Disclosure.

We will share how effective e-Disclosure can give legal teams an edge today, and how things might look in the future.

You can attend our events in one of three locations.  We hope you will be able to join us:


Leeds - 28th November - 6pm

Squire Patton Boggs, 6 Wellington Pl, Leeds LS1 4AP

Book your place on the Leeds event here 


Birmingham - 29th November - 6pm

Squire Patton Boggs, 148 Edmund St, Birmingham B3 2JR

Book your place on the Birmingham event here


Manchester - 30th November - 6pm

Squire Patton Boggs, Trinity Court, 16 John Dalton St, Manchester M60 8HS

Book your place on the Manchester event here


Event Schedule:

18:00 Networking

18:30 Presentation

19:30 Networking / Questions

Canapes/Snacks & drinks included.


Further Information:

Electronic disclosure (e-Disclosure) is any process in which electronic data is identified, located, secured, and searched with the purpose of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case.

For more information see our e-Disclosure page. If you have any questions about these events please contact your local Anexsys.

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Aug 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Relativity Fest London Recap

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Relativity Fest London Recap - April 2017

In case you couldn't join us, here's our Relativity Fest London recap:

We were thrilled to co-host with kCura hosted the first ever Relativity Developer User Group at RelativityFest London 2017 in April 2017. As the 5th annual Relativity event hosted by kCura in London, it was attended by over 450 members of the UK’s eDiscovery community.

Our software team have put together their reflections on the User Group below - we'd be delighted to hear more insights from the Developer Community, so please get in touch.

During the User Group, we talked through an overview of one of Anexsys’ RTK (Review Tool Kit) products and discussed Relativity’s APIs, custom objects (RDOs), and all the ways we love to build software on top of Relativity. We broke out into groups to look at an example challenge and structured a solution using Relativity’s APIs and other extension points. We also discussed our ‘Tips and Tricks’ for developing software on top of Relativity, and the Developer Experience Roadmap from Relativity.

The sample application we ran through was our native Excel redaction software, RTK.ExcelRedact. We talked about the different elements of the Relativity extensibility points that make up the application, such as:

RDOs (Relativity Dynamic Objects)

In this Relativity Fest London recap we don't need to tell you how RDOs are the ‘building blocks’ of Relativity Applications. They behave much like Document objects, in that they can have views, fields, and layouts – but they are much more flexible. We use RDOs in RTK.ExcelRedact to store values that help with the configuration of the software, such as settings to use during the processing or saving of documents. One key feature is that RDOs allow us to load data into fields on the Document object based on a ‘Field Mapping’ stored in the RDO.

Event Handlers

Event handlers manage everything from data validation to controlling the flow of data. They are triggered by user interaction, either on an object or Document save or on a Console.

We use a Pre-Save Event Handler on a custom Layout which allows a user to prepare an Excel for redaction. This performs some validation on the settings that the user has chosen, then adds the Excel to a work queue to be picked up by a Custom Agent which will run the initial processing.

We also use Post-Install event handlers to create proprietary SQL tables within the workspace’s database that store processing and redaction information required for RTK.ExcelRedact. The Install Event Handlers are useful for setting up this information, along with any configuration options that may be required for the software.

Custom Agents

Agents perform long-running background tasks like OCR and Imaging, but Custom Agents can also be written to run tasks specific to your application. Computationally intensive work should be distributed to Agents.

In RTK.ExcelRedact, Custom Agents do much of the work when processing Excels or applying redactions. Agents are ideal for this job as they can perform long-running tasks without locking up the rest of the workspace, and can run repeatedly at specified intervals to check queues for additional work.

ExcelRedact follows a ‘Manager-Worker’ design where a single manager agent per instance is responsible for distributing work, and one or more worker agents can pick up jobs from a queue and process them as needed.

Custom Pages

A Custom Page is a web page, deployed by Relativity, to display information or allow users to interact with data in a way that Relativity limits. These can be used for advanced data inputs, graphics, or visualisations of data.

ExcelRedact uses a Custom Page to display an Excel document to a user for redaction. We can display custom tools, options, and information with the extra flexibility a Custom Page allows us.

Well, there we are with our Relativity Fest London recap - we hope you found it useful.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Jul 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Developing Relativity Applications

Anexsys collectively has over a decade of experience in developing Relativity applications, and we’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way. We’ve learned some of our development lessons in interesting ways and have established a set of tools and practices that we use on a daily basis when developing our software.

Do put all your eggs in one basket: RTK. Manager Workspace

  • This is a workspace that we create in every Relativity instance that has any of our software products installed. It allows us to create a ‘base’ for all our applications and have a centralised store for all our application data.
  • This workspace contains all our queue tables for the work our agents do. By making our job and queue tables RDOs rather than SQL tables, we let front end users see the status of jobs in the queue without having to run SQL queries.
  • By having a centralised workspace for these types of objects, we can also have an application installed in several different workspaces and only have to use one queue table.

A stitch in time saves 5000 lines of code: Custom Utilities Package

  • We’ve written a custom utilities package which is a local NuGet package and is available to all our developers. NuGet is a package manager for Visual Studio and allows us to include a lot of code and functionality from the start. Our internal package is hosted on a network drive and makes sure that each developer has access to the most up-to-date version of the package.
  • Through developing Relativity applications, we discovered this package contains a lot of the Relativity actions that we perform frequently – mostly likely repeatable code that we use in multiple projects. For example, this Relativity package has functions to:
    • Get the version of Relativity we’re working with.
    • Get the workspace ID of our RTK.Manager workspace, mentioned above.
    • Add items to a job queue.
    • Handle the configuration settings in the RTK.Manager workspace.
  • The Utilities Package also handles licensing and configuration values for all our Relativity applications. We are able to fine-tune any instance-wide values, like the log level for a specific application, and prevents us from having to hard code any values in our software. It gives us peace of mind when deploying to other instances of Relativity that there is nothing hard coded that may break the application.

Recognise when history repeats itself: Logging

  • Later versions of Relativity have logging functionality available through the APIs but occasionally we must develop and support software for older versions (the oldest version of Relativity we currently support is 8.2). For these older pieces of software, we must use our custom logging functionality.
  • Again, we have an RDO in our RTK.Manager workspace which makes it easy for users to see each entry in the logs without having to run any SQL queries. We have functions in our Utilities Package that allow us to log to this RDO.

If at first you do succeed – test, test, test again: Testing

  • Finally, we must perform thorough testing on our Relativity applications before they can be deployed to customers. We have found that the best way to do this is to abstract our business logic from our Relativity functionality as much as possible. We can then run unit tests on our business logic and use end-to-end testing for any Relativity interactions.

Anexsys’ experience in developing Relativity applications has given us a good grounding in the fundamentals and some useful tips and tricks for writing these types of software.

Whether you’ve never written anything more complex than a simple SQL script, or you’ve been writing software for Relativity since the first Event Handler Framework, we’d love to hear any lessons you’ve learned on your development journey. Get in touch!

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Jun 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys gains place on pan-government eDisclosure service framework

The eDisclosure service framework is available for use by a wide range of bodies, including central government departments and their arm's length bodies and agencies, non-departmental public bodies, NHS bodies, and local authorities.

Electronic disclosure, or eDisclosure, is the process of identifying, acquiring and processing sometimes vast quantities of electronically stored information for review, analysis, production, and ultimately presentation in judicial proceedings. The eDisclosure service framework means that public bodies, from policing to social care, could access private sector support and skills from a pre-contracted, pre-approved list of suppliers without undertaking their own independent full-length procurement exercises.

“We are thrilled to announce our place on this important eDisclosure service framework” Eleanor Pyemont, Anexsys’ Managing Consultant lead on public sector services said. “Having spent the first decade of my career as a public servant, and been hands-on in implementing eDisclosure services on the client-side, I am passionate about the innovation and savings that eDisclosure expertise can bring to the public sector. By bringing in highly-technical expertise via the eDisclosure service framework, public sector leaders can focus their expenditure on outcomes for the public, releasing important time and money to their public-facing operational services - where it matters most to their service users”.

The eDisclosure service framework will allow public service leaders from across the UK to access end-to-end services for a full-range of potential scenarios; from public inquiry disclosure to responding to Freedom of Information Act requests. “Our work with public sector clients to date has been extremely technically and intellectually rewarding,” said Jon Chan, Anexsys’ Director of Technical Services, “our teams have relished the opportunity to use their technical insight, and innovative problem-solving strategies to solve the unique data challenges facing the public sector. We can’t wait to do more.”

“Information Governance - understanding what data you have, where it is and how it is managed - is a cornerstone for public service use of eDisclosure services”. Eleanor continued, “Many public-sector institutions have extensive organisational histories; their individual legacies and the rapid evolution from a paper-based to a digital world has created significant challenges for everyone. Leaders are often managing vast volumes of data across many sites, and numerous systems in diverse formats. This can make responding to statutory and legal obligations very challenging and resource intensive. We are ready to use our expertise to take on that challenge through the eDisclosure service framework and help leaders focus on the areas where the public want them most”.

The eDisclosure service framework covers the full range of Government Security Classifications, enabling even the most sensitive areas of the public sector to access the innovation and expertise of the UK’s growing legal technology sector. “The public’s confidence in all areas of the public sector, from health to policing, is based on trust and security. Second-to-none information security of private sector partners plays a critical role in building that trust - now more than ever.” Jon continued, “Our HMG Security Checked consultants, as well as our ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate our commitment and understanding of information, physical and human resource-related security.”

For more information about eDisclosure, contact one of our eDisclosure team for an informal discussion.


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May 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys achieves ISO 27001:2013 certification throughout five UK cities

Anexsys today announced that they have achieved the demanding global standard of information security best practice, ISO 27001:2013.

Anexsys provides a full range of litigation support services to law firms, corporations and public sector organisations across the UK, Europe and Middle East. With offices in London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham, Anexsys now boasts ISO 27001 accreditation in every location.

Anexsys have embedded an outstanding suite of controls at the heart of their business to systematise their response to any and all information security concerns.

Rob Crowley, Managing Director comments: “We are extremely pleased to have achieved ISO27001 alongside our recent Cyber Essentials certification. We have always taken the most rigorous approach to information security throughout our services; gaining ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials throughout our entire operation is testament to the security and quality of service we provide to our clients.”

Anexsys has a growing multi-disciplinary Information Governance service, enabling public and private sector organisations to both manage their information risk whilst maximising the value and impact of their information assets.  Having the ISO 27001 accreditation means that Anexsys’ customers can be assured of a stringent approach to information security and that risks have been mitigated.

“The ISO 27001 standard requires excellence in every area of information security. We are proud to have our commitment to our clients’ information security formally recognised,” said Jon Chan, Anexsys’ Director of Technical Services, adding, “To have ISO 27001 alongside our UK Government Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 accreditation sets us up for a really bright start to 2017/18.”

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May 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys gains Cyber Essentials certification

Anexsys has gained Cyber Essentials certification, helping to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.  This certification demonstrates that they take cyber security seriously and have taken essential precautions.

Risk management is the fundamental starting point for organisations to take action to protect their information. However, given the nature of the threat, Government believes that action begins with a core set of security controls which all organisations should implement.

The Cyber Essentials scheme has been developed by Government and industry and covers the basics of cyber security in an organisation’s corporate IT system.

Cyber Essentials certification defines a set of controls which, when properly implemented, provide organisations with basic protection from the most prevalent forms of threats coming from the Internet.  It provides a clear statement of the basic controls all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk from common internet based threats. Implementation of these controls can significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

*Anexsys have since received Cyber Essentials Plus*

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Apr 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys opens secure premises in Manchester to support regional expansion

Anexsys, a leading independent legal technology and consultancy organisation, have opened a new 6000 sq. foot office in the centre of Manchester to support Anexsys’ regional expansion. The new secure premises have been designed with security and future business expansion in mind.

The office features a large open plan reprographics facility, dedicated eDiscovery and forensic labs, scanning and document review rooms, and a highly secure evidence safe. The building is protected by an advanced alarm system, 24 hour CCTV, alongside an audited swipe card entry system.

“Anexsys is one of only a handful of eDiscovery and forensic providers in the regions, and the only one to hold Relativity Best in Service and ISO27001,” Louise Jackson, Head of Technical Services Manchester said. “Our new office will enable Anexsys to better support growing client demand, and to facilitate our expanding portfolio of services, including secure document scanning and legal document review.”

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Mar 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys sponsor Women in The Law and Business Event in Manchester


Women in The Law

Honourary guest speakers Angela Holdsworth, Lady Neuberger & The Rt. Hon Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court

Women in The Law and Business UK impress yet again with their first event of the year. The Rt. Hon Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court and Angela Holdsworth, Lady Neuberger, both acted as guest speakers during the event. Rt. Hon Lord Neuberger’s resolute message on acting “bold for change” on diversity was met with resounding applause. The sell-out event hosted guests from the Judiciary, the Bar, as well as Solicitors and Legal Academics. The event took place on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the Midland Hotel, with some calling it “the hottest ticket in town”! Attendees included; The Recorder of Manchester, HHJ D Stockdale, Mrs Justice Geraldine Andrews, HHJ Henandez, HHJ Manley, HHJ Goddard QC, HHJ Nicholls (first female judge in crime at Liverpool CC), HHJ Lesley Newton (Resident Family Judge for Manchester), Sir Mark Hedley (retired High Court Judge). Some of the solicitors in attendance included: Ros Bever of Irwin Mitchell, Melanie McGuirk of Panonne and Charlotte Percy of Slater and Gordon Lawyers.  Other special guests included Marnie Millard (Managing Director of Vimto), Karen Campbell-Williams (Partner of Grant Thornton), as well as other various members within both Commerce and Arts industries.

Women in the Law and Business UK was established back in 2012, and has since then had an impressive list of guest speakers. Some of which include; Lady Hale of Richmond (Deputy President of the Supreme Court), Mrs Justice Cox, DBE (President of AWB), and Lady Justice Hallett, DBE (Vice President of the Court of Appeal). Their events are open to members of the judiciary, the Bar Solicitors, in house Counsel and academics in the Law.

Sally Penni, practicing Barrister of Kenworthy’s Chambers, acted as the evening’s host. During the honorary guest speaker’s speech Rt. Hon Lord Neuberger spoke about the importance of diversity within the Judiciary, which was then followed by an informative Q and A from the audience. This touched on topics such as the next steps that needed to be taken to ensure this bold change ensued. The over-arching message throughout the event was to be “bold for change” on diversity, which happens to coincide with the recent celebration of International Women’s Day a week prior.

The music was provided by Manchester’s very own Inspirational Voices, Songs of Praise - Choir of the Year 2016, a community gospel choir which included both Nigel Poole QC of Kings chambers (MLA 2016 Barrister of the year Finalist) and Wayne Ellington (Choir Founder and Director).

The evening was concluded with a raffle, with prizes donated by Paula Jamehia from PIB Insurance, Investec Wealth and Investment, The Botanist, Slater and Gordon Lawyers, Contact Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, Esther Pet Photography and Evidential 3D modelling. Prizes included; a golf lesson, Jo Malone beauty products and candles, a Slattery chocolate hamper plus much more. The total money raised by the event was £1068 which will be donated to; Breast Cancer prevent, Royal Free Hospital and RMCH.

Ben Soothhill, Louise Jackson Paul Cooper from Anexsys, Manchester

Ben Soothhill, Louise Jackson & Paul Cooper from Anexsys Manchester

Sam Hillas of the Supreme Court, Alison Barnet of Blackstones Solicitors , and Sam Kendrick from Anexsys

Sam Hillas of the Supreme Court, Alison Barnet of Blackstones Solicitors, and Sam Kendrick from Anexsys

Women in The Law Guests and Sponsors

Women in The Law Guests and Sponsors

To find out more about or join Women in the Law UK and find out about their upcoming CPD events please email

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Mar 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys Continues Relativity Best in Service Status

Anexsys, a leading independent legal technology and consultancy organisation, announced that they have again achieved kCura’s Relativity "Best in Service" designation, which recognises Relativity Authorised Partners who provide an exceptional Relativity experience for end users.

Anexsys, with sites in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester, is a leading legal technology and consultancy business supporting law firms, government departments and corporations throughout the UK and Europe.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with Anexsys as a Relativity Best in Service partner,” Steve Couling, vice president of international at kCura said. “Achieving this distinction is no easy feat; re-certifying shows dedication and a continuity of excellent service.”

Through a voluntary audit, Relativity Best in Service partners demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity. kCura evaluates these partners’ individual data centres in three areas: technical infrastructure, customer service and product expertise. Additionally, Best in Service partners meet a set of requirements for duration as a hosting partner, size of Relativity installations and core Relativity certifications.

“As one of only seven Best in Service data centres based in Europe, I’m delighted that we have retained the Best in Service designation for the second year running,” adds Jon Chan, technical director of Anexsys. “We are committed to offering our customers an exceptional Relativity experience, enhanced by our dedicated in-house software development team. I look forward to announcing additional innovations built on top of Relativity over the next six months.”

Anexsys provides a full range of litigation support services, including digital forensics, forensic collection by professionals with expert witness experience, data processing, document hosting, managed document review and hard copy services. Anexsys also builds innovative software to extend, enhance and magnify the capabilities of Relativity, with applications listed on the Relativity Ecosystem.

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Jan 17’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Legal technology and consultancy firm Anexsys expands its operational reach following acquisition of K2 Legal Support

Anexsys, part of the Hobs Group, have acquired legal support company K2, creating the largest dedicated legal print and scanning business in the UK.

Anexsys provide leading e-Discovery, digital forensic services, managed hosted legal systems as well as printing and scanning for a range of legal, corporate and Government clients. Anexsys has existing facilities, in London and Manchester.  K2 operate out of Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester. The acquisition of K2 will allow Anexsys to continue to support law firms locally, and offer extended coverage for national law firms.

Rob Crowley, Managing Director of Anexsys, said: “K2 have built a fantastic reputation in the legal print industry over the last ten years. I’m delighted that K2’s experienced team will be joining us and that we will be able to provide national coverage of new and existing services.”

Rob adds; “Existing K2 customers can expect a seamless continuation of legal print and scanning services along with access to a range of exciting additional services and benefits offered by Anexsys and the Hobs Group.  I’m especially looking forward to working with the existing K2 customers and helping them explore e-Discovery, hosted Relativity and our proprietary software Documentfolio, an intuitive e-Bible collation tool, created by our in-house software development team.”

For more information contact one of the five Anexsys offices.

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Dec 16’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

James Duckenfield announced as new CEO of the Hobs Group.



James Duckenfield has been appointed as the new CEO of the Hobs Group. Kieran O’Brien will continue his involvement with the company as a non-executive director.

James has already signaled plans to increase both geographical coverage and improve capability with the Hobs Group.  James comments: “I’m excited to have taken over the reins from Kieran O’Brien. He has built a great company with a bright future. We’ve ambitious plans for both organic and inorganic growth and I want to see the Hobs business almost double by 2020.”

Since the beginning of September, James has been travelling the country to learn the Hobs business.  “I’ve been delighted to find lots of passion and dedication to our customers. Our people really are our greatest asset; it’s our team’s dedication to excellent service and quality that has enabled the business to grow and gain a superlative reputation.  There’s huge potential so watch this space for more news!”

The Hobs Group offers a wide range of services, however many customers don’t always know about all the parts of Hobs Group.  The synergies might not be obvious; resolving this will give the Group a big boost.  James has already created a new website,, to help start this familiarisation.  There is also a strategic intent for all four parts of the company:

  • Hobs Repro, our printing, content management and display graphics business, will increase its geographical coverage and customer share in existing cities. Inorganic growth will also come from acquisition of revenue or capabilities where we believe there is a strategic need
  • Hobs On-Site, our facilities management business, is looking for strategic partners to grow its managed print rooms and managed/digital mailroom business
  • Hobs Studio, our 3D printing and visualisations business, will achieve both organic and in-organic growth primarily in the AEC sector but we are considering additional verticals
  • Anexsys, our legal reprographics and e-Discovery/e-Disclosure business, will increase its geographical coverage especially in e-Discovery and digital forensics. We will protect our IP and sell it with other legal systems as a managed service.

About James Duckenfield

James Duckenfield has joined us from Xerox where he was running four US businesses in their HR Services organization. Previously James was Xerox’s Chief Innovation Officer, Consulting and Analytics Services and joined Xerox through the sale of his business, NewField IT which he co-founded in 2003. NewField IT is an international consulting, analytics and software business focusing on workplace and print optimization.

James has worked in the print industry for most of his career starting at Kodak and then running Ricoh’s production printing and graphics colour businesses and founding Ricoh’s Imaging Systems Business in the UK.

James is a Liveryman of the Stationer’s Company and a graduate of Imperial College where he read Chemistry.

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Oct 16’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys to support Queen Mary University London in training the next generation of students in eDisclosure technology

Anexsys will be delivering a series of lectures as part of a new eDisclosure masters course run by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University London starting this week.

Over a series of 11 weeks, students will be walked through the core features of the leading eDisclosure review platform, Relativity whilst working through a scenario which covers understanding electronic data, filtering it, application of searches including the use of analytics technologies, designing and implementing a review workflow, resulting in the generation of presentation bundles.

Led by Professor Ian Walden, this is a groundbreaking course and the first of it's kind outside of the US which sets to arm future lawyers with the practical experience they need in order to sit in front of a review tool, and to work effectively. With electronic documents being a central part in the majority of contemporary disputes.

Alongside the practical sessions, students will be exposed to a number of guest speakers and thought leaders from across the eDisclosure industry including Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project, Marie Clare O'Hara, partner at Bevan Brittan, Andrew Haslam, eDisclosure Project Manager at Squire Patton Boggs, Maggi Healey (who also designed and has worked tireless to bring this course to life) a former litigator now at The Review People, and Michael Wheater, barrister at Hardwicke Chambers.

For more information, contact us at or view the full press release here.

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Apr 16’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

We’re showcasing the RTK Suite of Relativity Integrations at the London #RelativityRoadshow

Anexsys to Showcase RTK.Message, RTK.eBible and RTK.ExcelRedact at kCura’s Relativity Spring Roadshow in London

Anexsys to share one-on-one demos of RTK.Message, RTK.eBible and RTK.ExcelRedact at annual Relativity Spring Roadshow

Press Release – CHICAGO, IL – Thursday 28 April, 2016 – Anexsys today announced they will be demoing RTK.Message, RTK.eBible and RTK.ExcelRedact, which extends the capabilities of Relativity, to attendees of the Relativity Spring Roadshow in London on May 3. Demos will be held at the evening reception of the Roadshow at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel beginning at 8 p.m.

The well-adopted RTK Suite of applications built on Relativity solves a number of every day challenges, including handing messaging data from applications such as Bloomberg and Social Media, as well as creating portable, off-line exports of documents, and native redaction workflows for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Technical Director, Jon Chan, said “Anexsys’ consultants spent a lot of time with our clients supporting them on electronic discovery matters and are exposed to many of the daily challenges our clients face. Our in-house software developers have been working hard this year to add additional functionality to our existing features, as well as respond to demand for new products which solve previously unsolved problems. At Anexsys, we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom products which utilize the powerful Relativity platform and we look forward to showcasing these to an international audience at the London stop of the Relativity Spring Roadshow.”

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, build, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. The RTK Suite of products is featured in the Relativity Ecosystem, which includes best-in-breed integrations and highly customized products for customers to pick and choose the solutions that best suit their unique workflows.

“It’s great to see Anexsys continually building applications to make e-discovery more efficient for our customers,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “We’re really looking forward to connecting with our UK community next week in London, and it’s exciting that Anexsys will be joining us to show off the platform in action.”

Learn more about the Relativity Spring Roadshow.

About Anexsys

Anexsys was established in 2004 and has become one of the leading independent suppliers of litigation support and document management solutions to law firms in the UK. With offices in the 3 main legal centres of London, Manchester and Bristol, we have an unparalleled UK reach and are also able to service clients based in Europe and the Middle East. Anexsys’ Relativity environment is hosted in a secure, London-based ISO27001-accredited datacenter which is monitored 24x7 and regularly security tested. Anexsys’ team is made up of a mixture of ex Big 4 managers, technologists and litigation support professionals to ensure that we are able to place the right team on your engagements. We’re one of only a handful of providers remaining who provide hard copy services, through to data processing, hosted review and managed document review services. Anexsys Solutions provide a range of complementary services including the provision of fully managed Relativity solutions and infrastructure support, as well as bespoke software development using the Relativity platform.

About kCura
Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2015 E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity has more than 130,000 active users in more than 40 countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200. kCura helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies—numbering more than 10,000 organizations—meet unstructured data challenges by installing Relativity on-premises and providing hosted, on-demand solutions through a global network of partners. kCura has been named one of Chicago's Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for five consecutive years. Please contact kCura at or visit for more information.

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Nov 15’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Managing Duplication in eDisclosure

The volume of duplicate documents which remain following standard deduplication is a common cause of frustration for legal teams, particularly when faced with vast volumes of documents and tight review deadlines.

The level of duplication can appear exaggerated when the family relationship of documents is overlooked, causing further frustration and confusion as to why seemingly duplicate documents are presented for review more than once.

This article considers approaches and solutions available to help manage and eliminate duplicate documents.  Some are ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions built into popular document review platforms, others are customised solutions which require technical input from skilled technicians.

Standard Deduplication

The standard approach to de-duplicating data in eDisclosure is to compare MD5 hashes (the equivalent of a digital fingerprint) at a family level, either on a custodian or global basis. By way of an example, a parent document (eg. an email) and its attachments are considered collectively as part of the deduplication process.  Identical documents are attributed with identical MD5 hashes.

As the name suggests, family level deduplication analyses duplication as between complete families of documents, excluding duplicate families and ensuring only one copy of a family survives processing and is published for review.  The process is largely automatic, requires very little human input and allows for large volumes of duplicate documents to be automatically culled.

A degree of duplication will almost always remain following standard deduplication, particularly where identical email attachments have been received, forwarded and otherwise circulated as part of different email chains.  Such circulation and receipt of documents may be highly relevant (for context reasons) to a review. The more aggressive item-level deduplication will remove more documents as part of the deduplication process at the expense of context, for example only presenting one copy of an attachment to different emails.

A range of factors also exist which can undermine standard deduplication; many associated with the ways in which organisations manage information, including the use of email archiving systems (eg. Mimecast) and document management repositories (eg. Filesite).  These can impact upon the content of documents and cause different MD5 hashes to be generated for seemingly identical documents.

Custom deduplication

Where seemingly duplicate information is escaping the deduplication process, a customised approach can be applied to defensibly eliminate this information, reduce reviewable document counts and help manage the costs of the disclosure process.

The first stage in this process involves a technician interrogating data to identify the reasons why documents are escaping deduplication.

The most common examples we experience are caused by email archiving or storage systems which strip out attachments, insert references or otherwise adjust the text of a document.  Duplication then fails, for example, as between an email recovered from an archived source and one recovered from a live mailbox, despite the obvious similarities between the documents.

It is usually straightforward to identify sample documents for comparison and a simple review of metadata can identify obvious characteristics which have undermined deduplication.  As innocuous as it might sound, the simple act of a storage system adding unique identifier strings to an email subject, for example as filesite does, can mean two seemingly identical emails not being considered duplicates.

Obvious characteristics aside, archiving software can also strip out attachments and add text to the body of documents.  Missing attachments are relatively easy to spot, however document text should be analysed with greater care and subjected to more rigorous testing.

Document text can be compared by running it through a ‘diffing tool’ (this article assumes everyone has a favourite) to identify differences.  If the tool identifies valid differences between the documents, then you are out of luck and the documents are not duplicates. However, you may succeed in identifying text laid down by software which can validly be ignored for the purposes of deduplication.

The solution

With causes identified, a customised process can be applied to the documents which disregards the identified differences between the documents which previously undermined deduplication.  New data is generated exclusively for this purpose, with no original metadata being compromised and native documents remaining untouched.

The original deduplication process will have been applied during data processing and it will be typical to refine this process using another platform, for example SQL or a custom built software solution.


SQL has a useful function which allows hashes to be generated according to selected characteristics of a document.  By the time duplication issues are encountered, data has typically been loaded into a database for review, therefore using SQL to address duplication has the obvious advantage that the data is already in a convenient format and requires little organisation before the process can be applied.

There is a limit to the amount of information can be hashed in SQL though, so you may have to be selective over the information used.  The more information you look at, the better the accuracy of the custom process, therefore SQL may become too “loose” an approach, in which case custom built software will be preferable.

Custom software

Generic pieces of software exist which will generate document hashes, however at Anexsys we have the expertise to create customised software to do this, with the following advantages:

  • complete control over the process
  • transparent and defensible
  • capable of independent validation
  • no size limitations, the process can consider as much data as necessary to validly complete the process, allowing you to set as high a duplicative standard as required


 “Off-the-Shelf” Solutions

A range of ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions also exist to help manage or eliminate duplicate and near-duplicate information.  Anexsys are a Relativity ‘Best in Service’ provider, therefore this article naturally focusses on the solutions offered by Relativity, which include the following:

  • Email Threading

Email threading is a process which identifies the longest or most complete email in a chain (the ‘Inclusive Email’) and allows the shorter components to be excluded from review, thereby eliminating any unnecessary review of duplicate information.  It is a defensible approach to eliminating duplicate information because information is only excluded when it is otherwise known to be included.

In practice we have seen email threading reduce reviewable volumes by between 10% to 50%.

Although there is an emerging trend of parties adopting this methodology, where parties are unwilling to exclude documents on this basis, email threading can still be applied to group similar information together, allowing for a more contextual review and assisting with consistency in decision making.

  • Near Duplicate Analysis

Relativity’s analytics function can detect similar documents on a contextual and textual basis.  Similar documents are grouped together and ranked by similarity.  As with email threading, such a process can assist to group documents together and assist with a contextual review, however where a high degree of similarity is identified between documents, exclusions may also be possible.

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Oct 15’
Jon Chan - Director - Technical Services

Anexsys: What It Means To Be Best in Service

Anexsys are proud to have received our Relativity 'Best in Service' accreditation recently. This accolade is something the team have worked incredibly hard for and to be recognised by such a well established software partner shows how vigilant our experts are.

The accreditation also says a lot though about the service we provide to our clients. I wanted to write a short piece showing how end users can benefit from using 'Best in Service' providers over non-accredited companies and the added reassurance they can take from doing so.

The process to achieve 'Best in Service' measures performance from a technical and end user perspective. I have listed below a number of criteria we must adhere to in order to be successful as well as a brief description of how this benefits you as a client.


This allows your supplier to regulate and monitor their Relativity environment more closely. This includes measuring optimum efficiency levels, response to tickets and how their users are interacting with the platform. All of this increases the team's ability to address queries and client needs.


A consistently high delivery metrics score can reassure clients as to the attentiveness and skill of a firm's experts. When this is achieved you can be sure that you are in safe hands. It is also a way kCura ensure Relativity partners are held accountable to how good they are at providing the service to end users. It's eDisclosure's version of TripAdvisor!


These are qualified experts who have gone through further rigorous testing by kCura to ensure they are capable of maintaining complex review environments whilst providing clients with support and innovation. At Anexsys we have 4 RCAs and 2 Infrastructure Specialists who, altogether, had to complete a minimum of 480 hours of training just to attain the qualification. This is accompanied by several years hands on experience running Relativity environments and plenty of knowledge on how best to deliver what our clients need, on time and with confidence.


Nothing speaks for a company's capabilities more than their track record with existing clients. This minimum user figure is designed to show two things: firstly, that your team has the ability to handle large volumes of reviewers and their various set ups; and, secondly, that the volume of users has grown over your partnership period. If that wasn't enough, kCura also ask for a minimum of 7 client references so they can find out for themselves how satisfied your clients actually are.

So, the next time you are looking for an eDisclosure partner make sure to check out their Relativity status to give both you and your clients peace of mind about who is supporting you on such an significant part of your litigation.

Lydia is a Consultant at Anexsys and can be reached at:

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Oct 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Anexsys Recognised as Best Service Provider Solution Finalist in Relativity Innovation Awards

Anexsys Recognised as Best Service Provider Solution Finalist in Relativity Innovation Awards

Annual competition honors customers who are building outstanding applications and integrations on top of Relativity

Press Release – CHICAGO, IL – 07 October 2015 – Anexsys today announced that they have been named a finalist for the Relativity Innovation Award for Best Service Provider Solution.

Part of Anexsys’ RTK suite for Relativity, RTK.ExcelRedact is the only product in the Relativity Ecosystem that provides native Excel redaction capabilities. By eliminating the need to create TIFFs and manually apply redactions, or to have lawyers navigate the various hidden features of Excel, RTK.ExcelRedact dramatically streamlines the redaction process—then producing the redacted Excels as TIFFs or native spreadsheets.

Jon Chan, Director of Technical Services at Anexsys, says, “This is the second year running we’ve been shortlisted as a Relativity Fest Innovation Awards finalist and we’re thrilled that our products continue to be recognized for their innovation and added value to Relativity, both for the community and our customers. Our custom development team is incredibly talented and works daily to solve our customers’ toughest technical eDiscovery challenges, and I'm proud that their hard work has been recognized in this way.”

Anexsys is a UK-based Relativity Best in Service provider, and builds innovative solutions on top of Relativity, as well as provides a full range of litigation support services and consulting to law firms and corporations. The RTK suite is available to license via Anexsys’ UK-hosted Relativity environment, or via the Relativity Ecosystem for installation within customer-hosted environments.

kCura, developers of the e-discovery software Relativity, will recognize finalists and announce winners during a special ceremony at Relativity Fest, held October 11-14 in Chicago. This year, the annual user conference brings nearly 1,500 users together for a three-day event featuring engaging panel discussions, hands-on labs, breakout sessions, and insights from both kCura staff and Relativity end users.

The Relativity Innovation Awards celebrate and showcase the best custom solutions created by the Relativity community. Judges selected solutions that use various application integration points to display a full use of the Relativity APIs’ capabilities to streamline processes, solve complex workflow needs, and create an altogether new solution that positively impacts their business strategy.

“It’s awesome that Anexsys extended Relativity to address a common pain point faced during review—redacting Excel documents in their native format,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura.  “Their native Excel redaction solution is a great fit to be a finalist in this year’s Relativity Innovation Awards.”

About Anexsys

Anexsys was established in 2004 and has become one of the leading independent suppliers of litigation support and document management solutions to law firms in the UK. With offices in the 3 main legal centers of London, Manchester and Bristol, we have an unparalleled UK reach and are also able to service clients based in Europe and the Middle East. Anexsys’ Relativity environment is hosted in a secure, London-based ISO27001-accredited datacenter which is monitored 24x7 and regularly security tested. Anexsys’ team is made up of a mixture of ex Big 4 managers, technologists and litigation support professionals to ensure that we are able to place the right team on your engagements. We’re one of only a handful of providers remaining who provide hard copy services, through to data processing, hosted review and managed document review services. More recently, Anexsys has launched the RTK line of custom Relativity integrations which extend and complement the features within Relativity, and more details can be found on the Relativity Ecosystem page.

About kCura
Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2015 E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity has more than 120,000 active users in more than 40 countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200. kCura helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies meet e-discovery challenges by installing Relativity on-premises and providing hosted, on-demand solutions through a global network of partners. kCura has been ranked the 175th fastest-growing technology company in North America on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 and named one of Chicago's Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune. Please contact kCura at or visit for more information.

Jon Chan

+44 (0)203 217 0300

Press Contact 

Mike Gilhooly
(312) 216-5951

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Oct 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Anexsys announced as RelativityFest innovation award finalist

The team at Anexsys are delighted to have been selected as finalists for the RelativityFest innovation awards for RTK.ExcelRedact, a revolutionary product which provides a way to natively redact and produce Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

RTK.ExcelRedact addresses two distinct challenges faced when redacting Excel spreadsheets:

1.) Using traditional redaction tools for redacting Excel spreadsheets can result in the same problems encountered when trying to print Excel. Even simple to moderately complex spreadsheets can result in TIFFs with hundreds or even thousands of pages, which are either blank, or contain data which is separated from column headers, and other related data.

A common solution is to have a vendor or paralegal manually create TIFFs; a process which can easily take around 10 minutes per spreadsheet, so when you have even 50 or more, this can be an expensive, time-consuming and error-prone process.

2.) Manually redacting spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel is dangerous and complex. Many law firms resort to a more manual approach to native redaction, which involves opening up the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel, and manually redacting content. There are many facets of Microsoft Excel, and it is likely that a lawyer may not necessarily be aware of all of the functionality used within that spreadsheet. This could include formulae, hidden columns, rows or sheets, frozen panes, pivot tables, charts, comments, headers and footers. filters. macros, external data sources and much more.

Even if the lawyer is able to identify, search and reveal this content, there is the risk that redacting even a cell may break upstream formulae.

RTK.ExcelRedact is fully integrated with Relativity and is easily installed via Relativity’s Application Deployment System. Once installed, the application contains securable layouts and workflow objects to support the native Excel redaction workflow, including a custom Excel viewer from which redactions are made. Keywords can be applied, and full regular expressions are supported to search and redact phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and anything else that can be represented by a search term or regular expression.

When redacting, RTK.ExcelRedact takes care of all the hard work in identifying hidden content and automatically unhides rows, cells and exposes other hidden content. The final redacted native Excel is restored to the original format with original filters, and other hidden content re-applied.

RTK.ExcelRedact is the flagship product in the RTK suite of Relativity integrations, where the entire RTK Suite was shortlisted as a finalist in the inaugural RelativityFest Innovation Awards in 2014.

RTK.ExcelRedact is available via Anexsys’ UK-based hosted Relativity environment, as well as to purchase for installation in to your own Relativity environment.

View our entry for the RelativityFest 2015 Innovation awards here (


This screenshot shows RTK.ExcelRedact’s proprietary Excel viewer which allows for native redactions to be applied. We’ve also toggled on the formatting and unhidden all hidden content. The area on the right of the screen shows a list of applied redactions which can be used for quality control purposes. The ‘toast’ in the top right is displaying that the redactions have been applied and saved to the database.


This screenshot illustrates the submission of a document for Excel redaction using a Document layout in Relativity. It also shows configuring a Automatic Keyword Redaction Set which is going to search for a Social Security Number regular expression and automatically redact all instances.

Anexsys' team will be at RelativityFest 2015. To arrange a meeting please email

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Aug 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Anexsys recognised as Relativity Best in Service partner

Anexsys recognised as Relativity Best in Service partner

Relativity Best In Service Blue RGB 300ppi




UK supplier of Legal Technology and Document Management Solutions is recognized by kCura as offering exceptional Relativity service

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM17 AUGUST 2015ANEXSYS, a leading independent supplier of legal technology and document management solutions in the UK, today announced that they have earned kCura's Relativity Best in Service designation, which recognizes Relativity Premium Hosting Partners who provide an exceptional Relativity experience for end users.

Anexsys provides a full range of services to law firms and corporations across the UK, Europe and Middle East, ranging from data collection, electronic data processing, hosting, managed document review, and managed eDiscovery services from offices in London, Manchester and Bristol. Anexsys also develops integrations to the Relativity platform, which are made available to customers of Anexsys’ Relativity platform, as well as being available for purchase and deployment onto hosted Relativity environments.

Jon Chan, Director of Technical Services comments: “I’m thrilled that Anexsys has been awarded Best in Service. We work exceptionally hard to provide a first class client experience through a responsive, consultative service which is underpinned by a first-class ISO 27001 accredited infrastructure.”

“Anexsys’ commitment to mastering Relativity is backed by an experienced technical management team, dedicated software developers, legal professionals and consultants. Anexsys is unique in providing hard copy services, digital forensics, eDiscovery consultancy, hosting, managed review and managed services, alongside developing integrations to Relativity,” Chan said.

Through a voluntary audit, Relativity Best in Service partners demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity. kCura evaluates these partners’ individual data centers in three areas: technical infrastructure, customer service, and product expertise. Additionally, Best in Service partners meet a set of requirements for their duration as a hosting partner, size of Relativity installations, and core Relativity certifications.

“The Relativity Best in Service designation requires dedication to exceptional customer service and the ability to provide an outstanding Relativity experience,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “We’re pleased to recognize Anexsys for their commitment.”

Anexsys was established in 2004 and has become one of the leading independent suppliers of litigation support and document management solutions to law firms in the UK. With offices in the 3 main legal centres of London, Manchester and Bristol, we have an unparalleled UK reach and are also able to service clients based in Europe and the Middle East. Anexsys’ Relativity environment is hosted in a secure, London-based ISO27001-accredited datacenter which is monitored 24x7 and regularly security tested. Anexsys’ team is made up of a mixture of ex Big 4 managers, technologists and litigation support professionals to ensure that we are able to place the right team on your engagements. We’re one of only a handful of providers remaining who provide hard copy services, through to data processing, hosted review and managed document review services. More recently, Anexsys has launched the RTK line of custom Relativity integrations which extend and complement the features within Relativity and more details can be found on the Relativity Ecosystem page.

About kCura
Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2015 E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity has more than 120,000 active users in more than 40 countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200. kCura helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies meet e-discovery challenges by installing Relativity on-premises and providing hosted, on-demand solutions through a global network of partners. kCura has been ranked the 175th fastest-growing technology company in North America on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 and named one of Chicago's Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune. Please contact kCura at or visit for more information.

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Jun 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Redacting native Excel spreadsheets for eDiscovery

In many modern disputes, crucially relevant information is held in Excel documents which can range in size from the simplest of documents displaying basic financial information to vast reporting documents containing hundreds of sheets, thousands of rows and columns, complex proprietary formulae and hidden cells.

Managing the disclosure of information from within these spreadsheets can be one of the most frustrating challenges of a disclosure exercise and can result in large legal teams and vendors engaging in time-consuming and expensive exercises:

  • imaging or printing excel documents (which can be costly and typically produces less than satisfactory results due to the well-known problem of printing spreadsheets in a presentable way);
  • spending hours drawing black boxes across content spread across many pages;
  • repeating the exercise because a spreadsheet hasn’t imaged or printed in a helpful way which has made it impossible to accurately track the location of the irrelevant and relevant rows or columns; and
  • disclosing largely useless spreadsheets which are difficult to interpret and impossible to manipulate.

Anexsys have developed RTK ExcelRedact to help lawyers take better control of this process, reduce cost and ensure compliance with eDisclosure and eDiscovery rules which favour the disclosure of native format documents.

RTK ExcelRedact allows users to:

  • redact excel documents in a near-native representation, removing the need to image or print documents at great expense;
  • redact sensitive keywords and figures on a ‘Search and Redact’ basis (including automatically locating and redacting social security numbers, date of birth information, and other personal information);
  • apply redactions on a ‘Click to Redact’ basis, including black redactions, white redactions, and text based redactions.
  • review and redact hidden data (such as hidden columns) which is automatically revealed by our solution;
  • review and redact comments and embedded objects revealed by our solution; and
  • control whether formulae should be flattened or disclosed.

In addition, at the end of the process users have the option to disclose documents as redacted natives (with or without formulae), or in a TIFF or PDF format. We even update the text post-redaction so you can disclose the text safe in the knowledge that confidential content has been removed.

RTK ExcelRedact was developed in response to our experience of complex disputes where multiple reviewers spent many weeks completing redaction exercises (detached from a review platform) to great frustration and with average results.   It is ideal for a range of disputes, in particular those where sensitive but undisclosable proprietary formulae are present in spreadsheets, for example pharmaceutical or finance disputes.  RTK ExcelRedact is available as a fully integrated Relativity solution and will shortly be available as a standalone solution.

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Jun 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Predictive Coding Explained

The objective of review in in e-discovery is to identify as many relevant documents as possible, while reviewing as few non-relevant documents as possible (Da Silva Moore). This is known as achieving the highest possible recall (proportion of all relevant documents identified during a review) and precision (proportion of relevant documents within the reviewed set).

Keyword searching and linear review have traditionally been adopted as the default approach to disclosure. Although keywords are inherently biased thereby naturally excluding a proportion of relevant documents or necessitating the review of increasing volumes of irrelevant documents, lawyers have been relatively slow to adopt alternative approaches. However, predictive coding, a technology which automates portions of an e-disclosure document review, is now starting to gain popularity in the UK as an approach to disclosure.

What is predictive coding and how does it work?

Predictive techniques are commonly applied to analyse data in order to assess risk and make future predictions. They are not unique to the legal world - common everyday uses include credit scoring, fraud identification and risk underwriting and they have been widely adopted in a variety of industries including accountancy, insurance, banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Predictive coding systems apply complex algorithms which, based upon their analysis of review decisions, identify similar documents which are prioritised for review. In doing so, they aim to limit the review of irrelevant documents and enable relevant documents to be captured as efficiently as possible, thereby improving recall and precision.

A predictive coding exercise typically begins with a senior lawyer training an algorithm by reviewing a ‘seed set’ of example documents. The algorithm analyses the characteristics of these documents, learns from the lawyer’s decision making and thereafter seeks to identify similar documents and rank them by their likelihood of relevance.The most highly ranked documents can then be prioritised for review. This review continues until the system fails to return any further relevant documents or when the proportion of relevant documents becomes so low that continuing the review becomes disproportionate.

As in any disclosure exercise, a predictive coding methodology should be supported by an appropriate validation and quality checking regime so that decision making can be justified and each stage of a project independently verified.

Comprising the seed set

How the seed set should be comprised is up for debate, as is the length of time that should be taken to train the algorithm and the extent of any quality control regime that should be adopted in order to validate the process.In comprising the seed set, predictive coding in its most straightforward form will focus upon a randomly generated set of documents.  No keywords are run and the system is left to present example documents to the senior lawyer unhindered by bias. Relying on a randomly generated set of documents as the starting point is sometimes a step too far for most lawyers and could be seen as a blind leap of faith in the algorithm.  The risk being that it appears more difficult to validate how the algorithm has been trained and from project to project its ability to stand up to scrutiny is uncertain.

As such, some lawyers are preferring to adopt a middle-ground ‘hybrid approach’ where the seed set is comprised of a mixture of keyword responsive, other searches and randomly selected documents.

Advantages of Predictive Coding

  • Senior lawyer engagement at an early stage in the process
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Fewer irrelevant documents reviewed
  • Higher proportion of relevant documents identified
  • Faster access to the most relevant documents
  • Lower costs

Disadvantages of Predictive Coding

  • Questionable ability to deal with multiple-issues or degrees of relevance
  • Training by under confident or techno-phobic users may undermine the process
  • Questionable ability to cope with the evolution of relevance throughout a review
  • Won't eliminate the problem of a rogue reviewer
  • Questionable ability to deal with documents containing little or no text
  • Questionable ability to cope with foreign language documents

Dominic Tucker is a Senior Consultant at Anexsys Ltd, a leading provider of outsourced eDisclosure and litigation support services to law firms, corporations and government departments.

Further Information

Subscribers to Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution can read Dominic Tucker’s full and more in depth analysis of Predictive Coding including of the hybrid approach recently endorsed by the Irish High Court in Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd & ors v Quinn & ors [2015] IEHC 175.

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Jun 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

FIFA corruption investigation: what’s in the data and how to find it

News broke on Wednesday and Thursday this week that Swiss authorities have raided Fifa’s headquarters to obtain computer data relevant to ongoing criminal investigations into alleged corruption surrounding the 2010, 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments.  Data was obtained from individuals including Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke (Sepp Blatter’s right-hand man) and Fifa’s head of finance.

Over the coming days, Swiss investigators will face a series of challenges as they seek to manage this data and attempt to identify the most relevant and incriminating documents.  As they progress their investigation, a variety of techniques will become available to them which could help in quickly identifying these documents.

Collecting the data

Reports are conflicting as to whether data was captured by the authorities or handed over voluntarily by FIFA, however either approach raises important issues that arise in any eDisclosure exercise.  Data collections must be correctly scoped and implemented with appropriate procedures in place to document the process and protect the forensic integrity of data.   Scoping should identify the key custodians as well as the devices and computer systems used.  A poorly planned and implemented collection could undermine the entirety of the investigation.  The goal is to collect data in a proportionate manner which ensures that nothing is missed or modified.  This is to avoid accusations of deliberate evidence tampering or spoliation, as well as the risk that incriminating data may later be deemed inadmissible as evidence.

In serious cases such as this where fraud and corruption are in issue, it is common for data to be collected by means of forensic imaging.  This is the most complete option of forensic collections, undertaken by skilled technicians, which involves taking a perfect copy of a device, computer or other electronic media.  The technique protects against data being modified whilst also collecting deleted items which can be missed by other techniques.

An advantage to forensic imaging is that the Swiss authorities would effectively ‘have everything’.  As the investigation evolves, different lines of enquiry develop and new characters emerge, investigators will have no need to waste time performing further collections.  Conversely, a disadvantage to this approach is that a collection may be too wide and investigators may be faced with a vast volume of completely irrelevant documents.  (More on dealing with this below).

In less serious cases other collection options exist which are less disruptive and therefore more practical. A collection must always be forensically sound and properly documented, however it is not uncommon to undertake a more targeted collection which focusses upon copies of key email accounts and shared working folders.   Such an approach would be inappropriate in the present circumstances as it would rely upon Fifa pointing the Swiss investigators towards relevant documents, opening the investigation to allegations that important and incriminating data has not been collected.

Processing the data

Before the Swiss authorities can get into the documents and progress their investigation, the collected data must be processed.  Depending upon the processing software used and the volume of data collected, processing could take many days to complete.

In a nutshell, processing (1) extracts documents from container files (for example, emails from mailboxes), (2) extracts metadata values from documents including author, title, dates of creation etc.., and (3) organises this data into a format capable of upload to a modern document review platform.

The processing stage will provide investigators with the first insights into their data and their first opportunity to identify any shortfalls or gaps.  Does the data reveal any issues posed by Fifa’s data retention policies? Is data missing from a particular date period?  Have emails been archived in a separate archiving system and not collected?  How many documents have each of the key custodians yielded and are further collections from key advisors or assistants going to be necessary?

Given Fifa’s size, the scope of the investigation and the rate at which modern organisations create data, investigators could not unreasonably expect to be faced with millions if not tens of millions of documents to sift through.  This is not unusual and a variety of technologies and techniques exist to assist investigators to quickly identify the relevant documents.

Investigating the data

The first task after processing will be to take defensible steps to cull the volume of documents.   Of course, no data is actually deleted, it is simply put to one side and not looked at by investigators at this stage.   Should the course of the investigation require, it remains readily accessible.

As a first step, there will be a range of filetypes that can be immediately removed including system generated files which are unlikely to be useful to investigators in the present case.  These system files could become useful however, should access to information or systems become an issue.  Duplicate documents can also be excluded at this stage and date ranges applied to exclude documents from entirely irrelevant periods. With key exclusions applied, the documents and their metadata will be transferred to a review tool, for example kCura’s Relativity platform, where keywords can be applied and further analysis of the documents undertaken.

Given the global nature of Fifa’s business, applying keyword search terms is likely to involve iterating terms in multiple languages and alphabets.  This isn’t a problem and modern platforms have been designed to cope with this.  Carefully crafted keyword searches can assist to quickly identify important documents, however, the first drawback to keyword searching which the Swiss investigators will encounter is that fraudsters won’t necessarily speak directly of their fraud, rather use a range of discreet vocabulary and terminology to either disguise their acts or at least make them sound legitimate. The classic example being the Enron investigation where Star Wars terminology was adopted which was unlikely to have been identified by the keyword approach.

The second drawback is that despite investigators’ best efforts in culling data and applying the most carefully crafted keywords, they are still likely to be faced with an almost insurmountable volume of documents to review.  The reality is that modern data volumes have eroded the circumstances in which keywords can be applied in isolation to other techniques.  In modern document heavy cases, we commonly advise our clients on a range of solutions to tackle the issues posed by enormous document volumes, including:

  1. Predictive coding

Perhaps the most high profile of available approaches, predictive coding systems apply a complex algorithm which learns from review decisions to identify similar documents and prioritizes these for review.  The aim of the technology is to improve the recall and precision of a review exercise.  Recall being the proportion of all relevant documents identified and precision the proportion of relevant documents in the reviewed set. Predictive coding can help to drastically reduce the volume of non-relevant documents reviewed, whilst returning a higher proportion of relevant documents discovered.

  1. Structured and Unstructured Data Solutions – enabling a contextual review

The Swiss investigators will have a combination of structured and unstructured data available to them.  By unstructured data we primarily mean the range of office documents including word, excel and pdfs.  By structured data, we’re referring predominantly to the range of formal financial reporting documents including bank statements and transaction reports.

Review platforms can be calibrated to facilitate a contextual review by allowing an investigator to focus upon key transactions or trades.  Documents can be associated to specific events, trades or transactions and presented to investigators in context.   Such an approach is not only ideal for the Swiss investigators, but can be readily applied in a variety of cases, including rate rigging and insider trading.

  1. Email Threading

To assist with the review of correspondence between key individuals of interest, investigators could apply an email threading process across Fifa’s data. The process identifies all emails within a chain and selects the longest example of a chain for review, removing the need to review all emails in the chain individually.

We have seen email threading reduce reviewable volumes by between 10% to 50%.

  1. Clustering & Conceptual searching

Clustering can be applied to identify groups of conceptually similar documents.  Creating clusters requires little user input, however, once created, clusters require reviewing in order to determine their usefulness and identify the most relevant clusters to prioritise these for review.  The process is particularly useful when dealing with unfamiliar data.

  1. Duplicate and near-duplicate analysis

When a damaging or incriminating document has been found, an investigation can be expanded by reviewing duplicate or near-duplicate copies of that document in order to track its progress around an organisation or amongst a group of individuals in order to demonstrate custodianship and knowledge.

Our experienced team of eDisclosure consultants regularly advise upon solutions to document heavy eDisclosure exercises.  Anexsys are also unique in employing a team of skilled software developers to develop customised solutions when the circumstances of a case require it.

For further information on any of these techniques and other effective approaches to document heavy eDisclosure, contact a member of our eDisclosure team on +44 (0) 203-217-0300 or email

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Jun 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Anexsys announces DocumentFolio: a next generation eBible solution

Anexsys, a leading litigation technology, digital forensics and legal process outsourcing provider has announced today the release of DocumentFolio, a proprietary eBible solution developed in-house by Anexsys.

DocumentFolio collates electronic documents into a searchable, elegant, branded application enabling end-users to view, search and print documents from a convenient and easy to use interface. Designed to meet the requirements of legal industry, DocumentFolio creates searchable electronic bibles from a standard legal index in a matter of minutes.

Unlike competing solutions that require the costly manual hyperlinking of documents in an index, DocumentFolio semi-automates the hyperlinking process, dramatically reducing the time and cost of creating an eBible. The resulting eBible is fully encrypted and portable and can be shared via a variety of media including CD/DVDs and USB devices, as well as online via an FTP site or web portal. There's also no need for a timely data copying exercise - DocumentFolio supports the indices created by legal teams in native Microsoft Word format.

Jon Chan Director of Technical Services at Anexsys says, “we built DocumentFolio from the ground up in collaboration with a leading international law firm. Using the latest technologies and a modern web interface, DocumentFolio offers our clients an easy to use, portable and secure application for presenting, viewing and searching documents. I’m excited to make DocumentFolio available to our customers, either as a service - backed by our experienced eDiscovery and scanning teams, or for purchase as an in-house solution.”

DocumentFolio is available as a service from Anexsys or for purchase in-house by law firms and corporations.

For more information about DocumentFolio or to arrange a demo contact Anexsys via or +44 (0)203 217 0311.

Visit our eBible services page here

Visit the DocumentFolio product page here



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May 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Early Data Assessment (saving you time and money)

Early Data Assessment (saving you time and money)

The concept of early case assessment (ECA) has existed for several years, with definitions varying wildly. For the context of this article, we are going to discuss our methodology of early data assessment, which we will define as the process of looking at case data as early as possible, and how this approach can save you time and money.

Assuming identification and data collection has already taken place, before you can start an electronic document review, data must first be processed. After this data processing stage, some or all of the processed case data will be migrated to an eDiscovery review platform. As the volume of electronically stored information has rapidly increased - in order to reduce costs - a number of techniques are usually introduced to reduce the dataset prior to review. These reduction techniques typically include de-duplication, file type filtering, date range filters and keyword searches.

Most data processing tools have not been designed for use directly by lawyers, therefore the process of reducing a dataset is usually undertaken by your eDiscovery vendor on your behalf, which can have various drawbacks:  Firstly, the introduction of a middleman disconnects lawyers from the process; and, secondly the process must compete for system time with the other processes being run by your vendor, including virus scanning and various qc checks. Both of these factors limit the scope for sampling data and refining keywords, date ranges and filters which are applied, potentially resulting in the loss of important or highly relevant documents.

Data hosting

The primary motivation for removing data as early as possible (beyond reducing the number of documents requiring review), is to reduce data hosting costs. The on-going monthly cost for hosting data can ultimately be one of the most expensive technology elements of an eDiscovery exercise.

Hosting large volumes of data on a monthly basis will soon mount up large costs. Even if data has been significantly culled during data processing, data reduction techniques used during processing could be overly inclusive, due to lawyers delegating this work to their eDiscovery vendor.

A different approach

Immediately after the data processing phase, our clients can choose to make all of their de-duplicated case data available for review in Relativity. Rather than loading the native files (which comprise the bulk of the cost for data hosting), we offer the option to load just the text and metadata of documents into Relativity. With this text and metadata loaded into a review platform case teams can start the process of refining their data set without incurring any data hosting costs.

Our clients can iterate through search terms, conduct a basic review of their documents and apply a variety of other filtering criteria, all within context of their case data, without middlemen and with the database available 24/7. Decisions to remove documents can be defensibly justified and the risk of indiscriminately removing important documents is significantly reduced, as lawyers are in control of this process. The data reduction phase can continue for as long as necessary, and incurs no data hosting fees.  Importantly all of this work is being performed in the familiar Relativity interface.

Once the final dataset for review has been identified, we simply publish the native files that you require into Relativity, and suppress those that are no longer important. If the scope of your case changes, the additional native documents can be quickly migrated to Relativity ready for review.


Our approach to early case assessment offers real time benefits, granting you earlier access to your data and providing more time to manipulate search terms and sample data before the full data set is available for review.

Case studies

Our client, a leading international law firm, was instructed in relation to a regulatory investigation which required compliance with strict deadlines in respect of search term reporting and agreement of search terms with the regulator.  Our approach to early case assessment provided our client with access to their data a week ahead of the full database becoming available; a period during which they were able to apply, sample and refine their keywords in order to reach agreement with the regulator.  With the review set properly defined, their review team began reviewing documents as soon as the full database became available.

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May 15’
Rob Crowley - Managing Director

Anexsys is the new name for Hobs Legal Docs Ltd

11th May 2015

Anexsys is the new name for Hobs Legal Docs as new range of custom software and services are launched

Hobs Legal Docs Ltd, a leading litigation technology, digital forensics and legal process outsourcing provider, is being re-branded as Anexsys as part of a comprehensive programme of development and investment that will see the introduction of a suite of innovative, value-adding products.

Anexsys offers a range of outsourced solutions including eDiscovery, computer forensics and reprographics services to customers throughout the UK and Europe, as well as supporting clients from the US and the Middle East.

In addition to the company’s core services, Anexsys is unique in the United Kingdom and among a small number of litigation technology providers globally in developing standalone software solutions and integrated Relativity applications to assist law firms, corporations and Government departments to manage document heavy disputes and investigations.

The rebrand is the final stage in a year-long programme of investment, restructuring and recruitment under the leadership of directors Rob Crowley and Jonathan Chan, formerly managers within Ernst & Young’s Forensic Technology & Dispute Services department.

Anexsys’ proprietary software is developed in-house, helping to solve challenges from native document redaction and automated data processing, to the streamlined creation of eBibles and online witness statement management. The company also works directly with end clients to build problem-solving custom software.

Rob Crowley, Managing Director of Anexsys, says, ‘I am looking forward to expanding our range of services under the Anexsys brand to include managed eDiscovery services and outsourced document review. Our aim is to differentiate by offering a diverse range of technical services, highly skilled staff from a range of specialist backgrounds and a genuine passion and understanding of technology.

Anexsys will continue to offer a full range of market-leading technology and reprographics services to our clients, as well as adding additional services to our portfolio. We are committed to providing transparency, exceptional client delivery, best of breed technology and innovative solutions.’


 Note to editors:

 About Anexsys Limited

  • Anexsys Limited – - is a company within the Group of Hobs Reprographics plc -
  • Anexsys Ltd, formerly Hobs Legal Docs Ltd, was set up in 2004 and offers dedicated outsourced services to law firms, corporations and the public sector, operating from secure sites in London, Manchester and Bristol. The company provides a full range of services including data collection, computer forensics, data processing, document hosting, managed services, outsourced review and reprographic services.

For more information please contact:


Annabel Hillary, 07884 430862,


Mary-Jane Greenhalgh, 07866 722051,


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