Data Identification and Collection Services

We'll help you find and defensibly collect the right data

We'll help you find and collect the right data

At this early stage, it can be difficult to connect IT teams, end-client stakeholders and the legal team and this is where we can add value. By bringing together the experience of court-tested forensic practitioners and eDiscovery project managers, we can help you data identification and collection.

We have the experience to ask the right questions to help you understand:

  • What data sources were in use - is it just computers and fileservers, or were there other sources such as document management systems in use?
  • What is the backup retention policy? Do we need to look at backup tapes?
  • Are there any email archiving or "vault" systems in place? Can we work with a third-party provider to access emails during the relevant time period to minimise disruption to the business?
  • Were all emails and documents created by the identified custodians, or should we take in to account support staff such as office managers and secretaries?
  • Are the IT team confident enough to undertake the collection themselves, and potentially reduce costs, or are there reasons as to why a full forensic collection might be required?
  • Is there any hard copy which might need collecting, scanning and coding?

An output of our consultation will be some input in to your Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ) which will help you justify and defend your data identification and collection process.

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