Managed eDisclosure Services

We spin up precisely the support you need; when, where and how you need it

Managed eDisclosure Services

Managed eDisclosure Services

Managed eDisclosure services demand a unique mix of skills - infrastructure, application management and administration as well as innovative, responsive and tailored back-end application support (SQL, performance tuning for large data sets, upgrades etc.)

We combine all of the above, with proven ability. Our clients range from the top 15 corporate law firms to public bodies requiring highly secure isolated environments.

We have three tiers of Managed eDisclosure Services:

We can run your infrastructure, provide licences and all the support, pitched at a level to complement your organisation.

We can provide some eDiscovery components dependent on your in-house capability and assist with administration to the extent you require.

We can bring you into our eDisclosure environment to help you manage your costs and ensure you are making the most of your in-house skills, whilst accessing data-processing and project management at preferential rates only when you need them.


Our managed eDisclosure service consultants are dedicated to providing exactly the scale and scope required by our clients, be that full consultancy, addressing every element of your document review and disclosure requirements, or back-end application support for highly technical in-house eDisclosure professionals.
Using our managed eDisclosure services will control the cost of your review by providing niche, deep expertise only when you need them.

We will provide hands-on support, making a real difference to the experience of your clients and your in-house team alike:

  • Joint technical scoping - our deep technical expertise to complement your legal insight
  • Responsive technical support - by phone, via support ticket or in person; for the eDisclosure novice to the legaltech devotee
  • Specific environment and workflow inductions - we love to support new starters and can train your new team so they are at ease in your workspace from day one
  • In-house expertise backfill - although technical expertise in the legal industry is growing apace, let us share the load when your in-house team are needed elsewhere.