eBibles are a convenient and cost-effective way of sharing documents between parties. Typical use cases include litigation, M&A, financial transactions and property deals.

Built to be highly secure, portable and easy to use, Anexsys' proprietary eBible solution DocumentFolio Exhibit sets a new standard for the secure transportation of documents between parties. Our eBible creation service is backed by dedicated eDiscovery and scanning teams.


Our Process

Anexsys have been producing eBibles for our legal customers for over ten years. Our experienced team scan hard copy documents to PDF files, or convert almost any format of electronic document to searchable PDFs. Following this process we build an elegant, searchable eBible which can be securely shared with a third party.

Unlike other eBible solutions that require the costly manual hyperlinking of documents, Anexsys' DocumentFolio Exhibit solution enables hyperlinks to be applied on a semi-automated basis, dramatically reducing the cost and turn around time compared to standard solutions.

We can provide our DocumentFolio Exhibit bibles on branded DVDs or CDs, as well as USB devices. Because our eBibles are encrypted, they can also be securely shared online via FTP or other online systems.

Modern web user interface


Benefits of Anexsys' ebible service

  • Visually appealing eBibles, that can be designed to reflect your brand
  • Highly secure AES 256 encrypted eBibles & PDFs to ensure complete security of your data
  • Search documents and metadata via an easy to use interface
  • Our service is available from our offices in London, Manchester & Bristol
  • DocumentFolio can be utilised by other industries including construction and accountancy.