DocumentFolio collates documents into a searchable, elegant, branded application enabling end-users to view, search and print electronic documents.

DocumentFolio offers complete versatility to create electronic bibles (eBibles), transaction volumes, bid submissions and more, via an easy to use desktop application. With the ability to customise the interface to match your requirements and brand, DocumentFolio delivers electronic content to users securely and conveniently.

Developed in-house by Anexsys' developers in collaboration with a leading international law firm, DocumentFolio is a next generation eBible solution.

Available to purchase exclusively from Anexsys.


DocumentFolio was built from the ground up to enable end-users to quickly and efficiently create high quality eBibles. Working in collaboration with a leading law firm, Anexsys' developers designed and built DocumentFolio to meet the stringent requirements of our law firm customers.

Using a standard legal index, DocumentFolio's builder application facilitates the rapid, semi-automated hyperlinking of documents to an index. Users are guided by an easy to use wizard, that enables almost anyone to create encrypted, portable, high quality eBibles.

As well as supporting PDF files (from hard copy or digital sources), DocumentFolio's optional conversion module is able to convert a range of electronic file types to searchable PDFs.

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DocumentFolio's user interface can be customised to match your brand

Benefits of DocumentFolio include:

  • Fully customisable user interface to match your company's branding guidelines
  • Create AES 256 encrypted eBibles compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Semi automated hyperlinking, reducing the time and cost of manually hyperlinking a legal index
  • Optional conversion module for converting a variety of electronic documents to searchable PDFs
  • COMING SOON: Ability to upload eBibles to a secure online portal, enabling compatibility with iPads, android tablets and other mobile devices


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