Public Sector eDisclosure Services

Enabling public bodies to reduce cost and improve efficiency of data search, review and disclosure

Crown Commercial Service Public Sector eDisclosure Framework

Thanks to the new eDisclosure service framework (RM3717), we can help any UK public sector body reduce costs and create value, whilst complying with the diverse legal disclosure requirements unique to their organisation.

Those working in the public sector juggle an array of competing demands; doing some of the most demanding work in challenging circumstances. The Crown Commercial Service eDisclosure service framework is designed to provide quick, straightforward access to advanced legal technology for public sector professionals.

We know that understanding the finer points of a fast-developing technical industry such as eDisclosure is unlikely to be top of any public sector leader’s agenda. We’ve designed our technical services to enable public sector leaders to release efficiency savings back into the central delivery of their public services.

Download our eDisclosure public sector information pack to find out more.

What is eDisclosure?

eDisclosure, or electronic disclosure (or often eDiscovery), is the process in which electronically stored information is identified and analysed to aid legal cases by providing evidential materials that can be used in a range of legal proceedings. The eDisclosure service framework allows public service leaders to access a range of services relating to legal process; from civil litigation, Freedom of Information Act requests, Data Subject Access Requests, through disclosures under the Inquiries Act and even to aid organisational learning and strategic review. eDisclosure techniques and technologies can contribute to solving many data challenges faced by the public sector.

Public Sector experience

Our public sector services lead, Eleanor Pyemont, is experienced in having implemented managed eDisclosure services from the perspective of a public sector leader. She is passionate about the cost-saving and efficiencies in performance that can be achieved as part of the UK government’s eDisclosure service framework (RM3717). Eleanor’s public sector background means that we have a real insight into what it means to be a public sector leader faced with competing pressures of data complexity, diverse legacy systems, and a changing legal landscape all to be managed within tight financial controls.

Accessing RM3717 eDisclosure service framework

Being on the eDisclosure service framework means that we have been stringently assessed by the Crown Commercial Service as to our technical capabilities, references, security credentials, background and pricing. The UK Government’s Digital Marketplace guide to accessing services including eDisclosure service framework providers can be found here. The process could take less than four weeks.

You can speak with us to explore your requirements:

Public sector leaders are actively encouraged by the Crown Commercial Service to engage with the market as they prepare their requirements. Understanding what could be achieved for you through technology is a key element to ensuring that your organisation gets a solution tailored to your, and importantly, the public’s needs.

As part of the eDisclosure service framework, we would be delighted to explore what value you could derive from eDisclosure practices and methodologies that will have a positive impact on your core service delivery.

No-cost scoping and briefing:

If you are from a public sector organisation or body, and would like to know what you could achieve through the eDisclosure service framework, we can provide at no cost to your organisation and with no obligation:

  • initial fact-finding to explore with you how eDisclosure services could fit your challenge
  • workplace presentations and Q&A sessions with your delivery teams
  • tailored briefing materials to distill relevant points for your public sector context

Public sector eDisclosure service framework uses:

  • Digitisation of legacy archives (paper and mothballed digital systems)
  • Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA)
  • Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)
  • Civil proceedings disclosure
  • Criminal proceedings disclosure
  • Employment tribunal disclosure
  • Internal investigations and Professional Standards procedures
  • Document review and assessment
  • Public Sector Organisational Learning and Strategic Review
  • Social media and enterprise messaging review, presentation and scheduling

We would be delighted to discuss what could be achieved for your organisation as part of the eDisclosure Service Framework. For more information please contact us on or contact Eleanor directly here.