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Hard copy

Paper and printed documents

Paper documents remain a vital component of litigation and investigations and we understand the importance of handling them properly. Our team has decades of experience providing printing and scanning service to law firms and major corporations.

Accuracy and quality assurance

We have developed best practices for working with hard copy documents for our clients. We utilise first-class scanning and printing equipment across our five sites and we take on large scale scanning projects.

Stay secure

Our London and Manchester printing and scanning locations are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified. We take a stringent approach to information security to ensure that all potential risks have been mitigated. We are authorised (via the RM6336 framework) to do work at top secret level and our offices have controlled access.

Trial bundles

100% quality assurance

Preparing bundles for trials and court applications can be a painstaking process for law firms to undertake. All documents included in our bundles are meticulously quality checked page-by-page, to ensure they are fit for the courtroom.

Go digital

Where digital bundles are required we can provide a proprietary e-Bible solution that can be shared and distributed at a fraction of the cost of hard copy bundles.

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