Data Processing and Early Case Assessment

Data Processing

Data Processing and Early Data Assessment

Our Early Data Assessment and data processing capability supports the processing of large volumes of complex electronic data efficiently and defensibly. Our process includes:

  • Data extraction- extract files, metadata and text from a variety of standard and complex file formats
  • Advanced filtering options, including search terms, date range and file type filters to assist with volume reduction
  • Flexible de-duplication methodologies to suit the needs of the case
  • Ability to work with a variety of file formats including SharePoint, Bloomberg email and chat, audio and video, Lotus Notes, and cloud services
  • Support from expert technicians and litigation support professionals

Efficient Data Processing

Through the use of industry leading technology and custom enhancements we’re able to rapidly process any volume of electronically stored information (ESI), across a vast array of data types and sources. From small volumes of everyday documents, to the largest and most complex data sources we can provide an efficient and defensible processing solution.


Early Data Assessment

With the volume of electronic data rising exponentially, it is not always viable (or sensible) to process and present every document for review. Volume reduction techniques enable documents to be defensibly removed before they enter the review process, saving on processing costs, and reducing data hosting costs. Traditional data processing and early data assessment methodologies remove lawyers from the process restricting the effectiveness of this approach.

Our Early Data Assessment (EDA) methodology enables case teams to access their case data earlier, using an intuitive and secure online platform. Legal teams working alongside our experts can reduce a dataset, whilst retaining control of the process. Our clients have been able to significantly reduce data processing costs and subsequent review costs by utilizing our unique methodology.

Benefits of our service:

  • Cost effective data processing for any volume of data
  • We rapidly process data from a variety of standard and bespoke file formats
  • Our ECA process keeps lawyers in control of the process
  • Understand your case without incurring significant costs