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eDisclosure and digital forensics

Finding the right fit

Our consultants guide eDisclosure projects from start to finish and provide training and ongoing support to clients during the review process. They tailor their approach to the client’s experience level and communicate effectively with them throughout.

Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment (“ECA”) provides clients with a bird’s eye view of their documents at the outset of their case. Using analytics techniques during ECA gives clients the ability to uncover key themes within their data.

For larger data volumes Anexsys offers processing at a lower ECA rate, giving clients access to documents and minimising upfront investment.

Technology Assisted Review

We adopt a blended approach to Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”) understanding that there are a variety of definitions and perceptions of the term. We view TAR as a method to reduce and prioritise review so clients can access to the most important documents as quickly as possible, whether this is achieved through continuous active learning or custom Anexsys workflow.

Part of your team

Our team becomes a part of yours. Our consultants understand the challenges that large data volumes present and work collaboratively with clients to minimise costs and find relevant documents faster.

Digital forensics

Forensic expertise

Our experienced digital forensics investigators work to criminal defence standards and use the latest software solutions and techniques to extract data from a variety of media including servers, mobile devices and laptops.

Forensic reporting

Our investigators interrogate devices, prepare expert evidence for civil and criminal proceedings and regularly appear in Court as expert witnesses.

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