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Managed services

eDisclosure managed services demand a unique mix of skills. We provide infrastructure support, application management and innovative back-end expertise to ensure environments are in the best shape possible.

We work with Top 15 corporate law firms and public bodies who require highly secure isolated environments.

Custom designed solutions

Fully managed

We support a client’s entire Relativity infrastructure either inside Anexsys' data centres or on dedicated "mobile" instances behind our clients' firewalls. We provide patching, health checks and optimisation of processes surrounding analytics, processing and hosting. This is complemented by ongoing SQL maintenance, custom development and support of third-party applications and integrations.

Managed components

We will manage specific components of a client’s Relativity environment. This service can include an assessment of the overall suitability of a Relativity configuration and the implementation of improvements or remediation. We can install an optional Relativity performance dashboard to facilitate internal reporting on the health of Relativity environments. We also advise on the deployment of agents to improve the throughput and resilience of an environment.

Subscription model

We give clients the option to make an upfront investment in hosting and processing. This is suitable for clients with a consistent caseload and predictability around the sizes of data hosted during a specific period. Clients that take advantage of our subscription model can manage their spending and strategise their eDisclosure policy in advance. We bring clients into our eDisclosure environment and ensure they are making the most of their in-house skills.

Control your costs

Make an up-front investment in data storage infrastructure and software to get more control over costs.

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