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    Machine Translation
    eDisclosure Platform
    Document Annotation
    Entity Detection
    Cloud Elasticity
    Integration Ready
    Audio Transcription

    Secure Cloud Technology

    Entity benefits from Amazon Web Services’ network architecture, meeting the requirements of the world’s most security-sensitive organisations.

    Enhanced Document Review

    Navigate documents with ease using simplified search functionality. Entity enables simple and flexible document review workflows for disclosure exercises, data subject access requests and investigations.

    Mobile Ready

    Entity’s mobile interface creates a unified experience across mobile, laptop and tablet.

    Get to grips with your documents

    Preview, highlight, annotate and link documents within Entity. Reference specific sections of your documents and bring passages to the attention of your team using Entity’s “jump” feature.

    Evaluate Entities

    Entity is built on graph database technology which enables the identification of complex relationships in unstructured data. Users can highlight key players, organisations and personally identifiable information within documents.

    The Tech

    Entity integrates with the latest cloud technologies and is based on microservices architecture. As a cloud-native platform, users have access to near-infinite scalability for OCR, document ingestion and more.

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