Anexsys are delighted to announce new enhancements to their proprietary redaction application RTK.Redact and the relaunch of RTK.Excel Redact.

RTK.Redact enables users to apply redactions to duplicate documents. Within Relativity, users can identify a document with multiple duplicates, apply redactions to it and automatically apply the redactions made to its duplicates. This reduces the risk of inconsistent redactions and solves a common issue for professionals faced with multiple duplicates during a disclosure exercise.

RTK.Redact new functionality enables users to automatically find and redact keywords, phrases, regular expressions and email headers.  This has the potential to significantly reduce review time for eDisclosure users tasked with redacting documents for privilege and confidentiality.

Stu Craft, Head of Software Development at Anexsys commented that “the ability to automatically redact a certain name or phrase which may otherwise slip through the net could be a game-changer for solicitors and investigators faced with a tight deadline to complete a disclosure exercise. We want our clients to be able to concentrate on the legal aspects of a disclosure exercise, i.e. is this document relevant and / or disclosable, or is this document privileged? We want to reduce the administrative burden of applying redactions to documents and automate it as far as possible. We are excited about the next steps for RTK Redact which we want to see being used as standard in the majority of Relativity eDisclosure exercises.”

RTK.ExcelRedact allows users to apply redactions to native versions of Excel documents of any shape and size within Relativity. The excel does not need to be converted to a PDF or TIFF prior to applying redactions which is a common but problematic approach. RTK.ExcelRedact is particularly helpful in banking litigation matters where disclosure sets can often contain thousands of Excel documents.

Both applications are part of the Anexsys Review Tool Kit (“RTK”) for Relativity. Anexsys are a certified Relativity Development Partner with a dedicated eDisclosure software development team based in the UK.