At Anexsys, we pride ourselves as being the forerunners in technological awareness and development. Our solutions are fresh and our approach is innovative. Our extensive experience working with some of the top law firms in the country has given us an insight into what our clients really want when embarking on a document review exercise. Our clients need a two-pronged approach to review, amalgamating tech know-how and bespoke software development with streamlined project management and legal expertise. With the introduction of the Pilot Protocol and the necessity for increased speed and transparency of the overall review process, we believe that the role of technology in document review is becoming increasingly more difficult to escape. With that said, we don’t believe that technology alone is the solution and know the importance of ensuring that our people are the right people. So, with all of the above noted, we are delighted to introduce Anexsys Lens.

Anexsys Lens is our new managed review service offering which is ideally located in the heart of London’s legal district at our purpose-built review centre in Eagle Street, just four minutes’ walk from Holborn Tube Station. It was designed to host review teams in a secure and comfortable environment conducive to accurate and expeditious document review. With that in mind, each work station is equipped with a custom-built PC designed to maximise security and double monitors to aid the review process. Continuity of service and access to the review platform at all times is aided by a secure connection using an ultrafast fibre internet connection, with failover for resiliency.

Traditionally, review teams span various categories of the legal profession and levels of experience. Law graduates, litigation support staff, paralegals, trainee solicitors and qualified barristers and solicitors can make up some or all of a team. We believe that people = pride. We hand pick our people and are still in the process of building this out, based on; expertise, language specialism and niche areas of law. We work with qualified lawyers and paralegals who have a proven track record working as part of a review team and in delivering accurate results. We don’t believe that a review exercise is successfully carried out by throwing numbers at the issue – rather, we believe that we can achieve expeditious and excellent results through the application of technical expertise in tandem with experienced review lawyers.

We offer a range of managed review options from fully comprehensive to supervisory. A fully comprehensive service would entail sending a qualified lawyer from our team to you at the beginning of the case where they’ll sit in on the initial briefing and get to know the case – so when it comes to the compilation and creation of a briefing document for the review team – your resources won’t be taken up. We can create the brief, brief the team and monitor the progress of the review for the duration of its lifecycle. This includes the compilation of the team from our panel of reviewers, managing attendance, tracking progress, reporting on substantive issues arising from the review and providing bespoke advice in relation to ascertaining which method of TAR is best to employ to reduce the data set defensibly, maximise human resources and expedite the timeline. We know how important it is to keep clients in the loop too, so rather than furnishing unreadable metrics on a daily basis – we provide meaningful, succinct reports in a digestible format. Our reporting mechanism is malleable and we can draw up reports from basic need to know information to comprehensive technical breakdowns – client dependent and also adaptable. Reports don’t have to be static either, we can provide varied formats at different stages in line with your requirements.

We can alternatively take on a supervisory role in that we will assemble the review team and administer the brief as compiled by you. Day to day team management, progress reporting and advice on data set reduction is also included. We know how important the first week of a review is, in terms of accurately briefing the team and ensuring that each member is developing an understanding of the case at the required pace. We achieve this through daily morning meetings where document queries are raised and fielded, content is explored, progress is tracked and goals are set.

We feel that having our own in-house software development team allows you to really make our managed review service your own. Bespoke applications can be designed and integrated into Relativity (or the chosen platform) in order to streamline processes. For example, we can write and install a script to allow you to generate your own bespoke reports as and when desired, broken down by reviewer, rate, issues and overturns. This allows you to take control of the layout, content and scheduling of the reporting element of the review.

Jennifer Howlett will be heading up Anexsys Lens. She is an experienced barrister, specialising in litigation and eDisclosure. Prior to joining the team at Anexsys, she moved from the Bar to one of the largest law firms in Ireland where she managed numerous complex large-scale review projects. She would be delighted to discuss our proposition further and to offer tours of the review centre at your convenience. For further information on Anexsys Lens, please get in touch –