Relativity Apps

Our Relativity apps offer a great enhancement to Relativity. We have designed various solutions for Relativity which make review projects more efficient for clients.


Mask-It enables automatic redaction of multiple document types using one simple application. Users avoid repetitive and time-consuming redaction exercises whilst ensuring consistency and accuracy.
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RTK Message

Import data from social media sites such as Facebook to Relativity and review them in a user-friendly manner.

Using RTK.Message, reviewers and administrators can quickly filter the message data to remove irrelevant content and promote only potentially relevant data to the main document review.
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RTK Loadfile

Transport data in and out of review platforms and easily check for missing data.

RTK.Loadfile automates common loadfile tasks. Users can compare a loadfile against a Relativity workspace to ensure no data is missing. It also splits loadfiles for faster ingestion and helps to comply with the requirements of a production or disclosure specification.

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