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Supports Relativity version 9.3.313.2 or above

Not all electronically stored information is best-represented as a traditional ‘document’. Enterprise systems such as Bloomberg, Lync and Slack, as well as text messages and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter hold data best represented as shorter messages.

Review message-centric data e.g. Facebook,
Twitter, Bloomberg and text messages in Relativity

RTK.Message has a built-in processing engine which supports a variety of message formats and Anexsys have created a message parser framework which allows new sources, for which a parser doesn’t already exist, to be rapidly created.

Current parsers include:

  • Bloomberg Chat
  • Twitter (exports, as well as ’live search’)
  • Facebook (messages, timelines and media)
  • XRY mobile device exports
  • Cellebrite mobile device exports

RTK.Message populates a staging area for messages, which harnesses the power of the Relativity FluidUI. By using widgets and dashboards, reviewers and administrators can quickly filter the message data to remove irrelevant content, and promote potentially relevant data to the main document review.

During the publishing stage, RTK.Message can create one document per message, or per conversation, but can also consolidate messages into a daily, weekly, or monthly digest of messages. The output is a modern, easy-to-review HTML document which can be searched, reviewed and produced alongside your other documents

Benefits of RTK.Message include:

  • Accepts data from multiple different sources, including live Twitter connections, Facebook exports, and Bloomberg chat exports
  • Allows final export of messages to be grouped into time periods or threads for simple reviewing
  • Final documents produced are fully text searchable, and can be reviewed and redacted like any other documents in your workspace
  • Seamless integration with Relativity reducing the need for separate training and support time
  • Built using standard Relativity APIs and Objects so everything can be secured, as you would expect with any Relativity functionality


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