Our Relativity Tool Kit solutions offer a great enhancement to Relativity. Increasing speed or simply making work more convenient – we have various apps to help.


Providing TIFFs for redacted Excel spreadsheets can often make the resulting files challenging to use. Our RTK.ExcelRedact solves this by providing a native Excel redacation solution that's fully integrated with Relativity.

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Making consistent redactions across duplicate documents is time-consuming and error-prone. Our RTK.Redact saves time and cost when performing redactions by enabling users to automatically propagate their redactions to duplicate documents.

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RTK.Loadfile was designed by the consultants at Anexsys to solve every day challenges encountered when dealing with document loadfiles. RTK.Loadfile automates common loadfile tasks including comparison of a loadfile against a Relativity workspace. It also splits loadfiles for faster ingestion and helps to comply with requirements of a production or disclosure specification.

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RTK.Message has a built-in processing engine which ingests a variety of message formats, and populates a staging/ECA area for messages which harnesses the power of the Relativity FluidUI. Using RTK.Message, reviewers and administrators can quickly filter the message data to remove irrelevant content, and promote only potentially relevant data to the main document review.

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