At Anexsys we are well known for our innovative approach to eDiscovery and broader legal technology solutions. Through our in-house software development team, we work directly with end clients to build software to solve their unique challenges. We have a strong history of building products and bespoke solutions for our clients, from automatically adding hyperlinks to word document en masse, to natively applying redactions to Excel files. We work with some of the world’s largest law firms, corporations and government departments.

Earlier this year Anexsys opened an office in Sheffield, to focus on the continued development of a new product. Today I am excited to announce Anexsys’ new legal technology platform Entity. Entity is the result of over two years of hard work from our eDiscovery and software development teams.

Entity is a cloud-first legal tech platform, built on top of AWS’ marketing leading cloud infrastructure. It’s been built from the ground up around micro-services architecture, which enables immense scale, on a minimal hardware footprint, whilst delivering the highest performance.

Entity’s user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind, stripping away as much complexity as possible, resulting in an experience where lawyers can jump right into the product with no training. We’ve also built our interface to be mobile first. As the product matures, you can expect a consistent experience across mobile, tablet and desktop.

The Entity tech stack utilises Graph and NoSQL database technologies, designed specifically to provide high performance at scale, and suited to hosting the largest unstructured datasets. Full text search is powered by Lucene, offering a familiar search experience along with powerful features such as faceted search, phrase search and more.

We’ve built a best in class viewer technology, that provides the performance modern web users expect across desktop, tablet and mobile, along with a host of in-built features. Our viewer technology supports a range of annotations from page level notation, to highlights and hand written notes (when using a touch screen or tablet). Redactions can be applied right within the viewer without the need to convert to an intermediary format.

Entity is using AWS infrastructure to provide on-demand scale to the Entity platform. Entity can spin up a near infinite number of processing tasks in a matter of seconds, to support optical character recognition, document conversion, text extraction and more. We only pay for these resources whilst they are active, meaning we can pass the cost savings and efficiency benefits on to our customers.

Finally, we’ve built the Entity platform for extensibility, enabling our clients to benefit from the immense research and development efforts of the major technology and cloud providers. We can plumb in Google Cloud’s handwriting recognition and translation services, Microsoft’s AI, and more, all available without upfront fees or commitments. This really is a game changer, offering cutting-edge technology, at accessible prices.

I’m super excited to get Entity out into the legal tech community. We’re already working with our existing client base to utilise Entity for a number of use cases, from a low-cost Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) review platform, to a trial preparation product. We’ll continue to collaborate with existing and future customers to find new use cases for this powerful technology.

To book in a demo of Entity please enquire via