Mobile Data Unlocked

Visualize and analyze mobile data from processing to review

XDD-Mobile optimizes mobile review results by removing data silos and unlocking data for review by integrating it directly into normal eDiscovery workflows.  With chat bubble visualization, image search, sorting, filtering and text searching, Anexsys’ award winning mobile solution simplifies complex mobile review projects from device collections through review. Coupled with Anexsys Forensic and Managed Review services, XDD-Mobile delivers an end-to-end solution from device collections to review.

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End-to-End Mobile Discovery

An integral component of the XDD-360 Technology Suite, XDD-Mobile is the bridge between mobile device data collection and review platforms.

  • Simplifies mobile collections, processing and review
  • Imports data into Relativity or other review platforms via custom scripts
  • Provides conversation intelligence, message visualization and image search within Relativity
  • User-friendly with custom dashboards and views designed for mobile review

Mobile Data Comes to Life

Simplify complex mobile data sets including; text messages, call logs, voicemails and chats iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp

  • Color chat bubble message threading
  • Thumbnail image search / de-dupe for pics, signature files, GIFs
  • Intelligent conversation view with in-line attachments
  • Cross-platform message organization and visualizations
  • Pattern recognition between participants, message types and topic with deleted message review alerts
  • Parent / child relationships maintained
  • Keyword expansion, clustering and concept search dashboards

Powering Mobile Discovery

Leverage XDD-Mobile for the entire process, or tap into single features for mobile Discovery needs.

  • Anexsys Forensic collections
  • Cellular data import for any device type or operating system
  • Mobile processing directly into Relativity
  • Data visualization, search and analytics
  • Anexsys Managed Review services

Engage with XDD-Mobile

Available in the UK and US, contact us at +44 (0) 203 217 0300 or hello@anexsys.com to learn more about XDD-Mobile.