Managed Legal Technology

We provide custom developed managed legal technology to greatly aid legal teams

Our managed legal technologies are a suite of solutions; each of which delivers on a technical ‘wish list’ we came across during our own use of eDiscovery platforms such as kCura’s Relativity.

  • We needed quick, reliable native Excel redaction on a large scale, so we created RTK.ExcelRedact
  • There was an urgent need for a quick and simple way to redact information across multiple duplications of documents, so we created RTK.Redact
  • The need to easily transport data in and out of review platforms, and check for any missing data led us to create RTK.Loadfile
  • We wanted to support a variety of message formats, so we created RTK.Message
  • Our clients were struggling to find an easy way to read and navigate eBibles, so we created DocumentFolio Exhibit
  • We wanted to create batch printing software which would easily produce and convert folders of different files, so created DocumentFolio Illuminate

Our solutions

Review Tool Kits (RTK)

Our managed legal technology consists of Review Tool Kits (RTK) and DocumentFolio software to aid legal review teams across the UK, EMEA and North America. We are continually working with our clients on the development of new tools and solutions for unique legal review and production challenges. We would be delighted to discuss potential managed legal technology usage or any eDiscovery software development you may require, so please get in contact with us here.


Allowing for easy redaction of excel documents, RTK.ExcelRedact allows data in excel format to be altered with ease. While redacting an excel document usually involves converting the data into an image file before it can be reviewed, RTK.ExcelRedact removes this element to enable the assessor to edit the document in its native format. Preserving the formatting and contents of each cell, the RTK seamlessly integrates with Anexsys’s Relativity software, retaining the utility and functionality of the original document.

For more information, please visit our dedicated RTK.ExcelRedact page.


RTK.Redact allows its users to replicate redactions from an original document across all its duplications. Both cost effective and time saving, RTK.Redact eliminates the need to run custom SQL scripts, while guaranteeing complete consistency between every copy of the documents in question.

For more information, please visit our dedicated RTK.Redact page.


Designed to aid conversion of .DAT files into CSV format, RTK.Loadfile allows reviewers to easily transport data in and out of review platforms.

Focusing on ease of use, RTK.Loadfile not only enables its users to preview their documents, but also splits large data files into smaller, more manageable segments – allowing redacted files to be easily digested when re-uploaded to a new review platform. In addition to this, the RTK also offers loadfile workplace comparison, allowing reviewers to measure the original loadfile against the data in the workspace, to ascertain what, if any documents failed to upload.

For more information,  please visit our dedicated RTK.Loadfile page.


RTK.Message has a built-in processing engine which supports a variety of message formats. During the publishing stage, RTK.Message can create one document per message, or per conversation, but can also consolidate messages into a daily, weekly, or monthly digest of messages. The output is a modern, easy-to-review HTML document which can be searched, reviewed and produced alongside your other documents

For more information, please visit our dedicated RTK.Message page.


DocumentFolio helps to create eBibles.  Designed to improve their readability, it allows users to view, search and print electronic documents in a searchable, branded app that is customisable to each company’s requirements.

DocumentFolio is available in two versions, so is compatible cross platform and with all frequently used software programs.

For more information, please visit our dedicated DocumentFolio page.

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