Legal Reprographics Services

Anexsys provides secure, accurate and reliable legal reprographics services

A legal reprographics service must include rigorous quality control checks. Our dedicated quality control team thoroughly check our copies page by page, saving you time and money.

We know that your time is precious and that the reprographics of your legal bundles must be entirely accurate and secure. Our legal reprographics services include rigorous quality checks in an ISO27001:2013 CCTV-covered environment. Our experienced, vetted drivers will deliver to your location in secure, tracked vehicles.

Anexsys specialise in reprographics and printing for the legal profession through our UK network of branches, and abroad.  We’re proud of our solid reputation, and pride ourselves on always providing a first-class experience for our clients. Our highly skilled team have a specialised experience and knowledge of the print industry, with particular focus on the legal sector.

Legal reprographics

What makes Anexsys' legal reprographics stand out?

What makes the Anexsys’ legal reprographics service stand out from the rest is:

  • Our ISO27001 secure environments in London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham
  • Our rigorous page-by-page quality control checks
  • Our dedicated quality control team
  • Our in-house, vetted, and experienced drivers
  • Our 24/7 service
  • Our on-site services, deployable throughout the UK
  • Our ability to provide copying at any size
  • We have the furthest reach of all UK legal reprographics providers

We check each document page for:

  • Legibility (we will darken lighter pages)
  • Page numbering
  • Colour replications (like for like)
  • Captured double-sided pages
  • Page count

The majority of our work is outsourced from some of the UK's largest law firm print rooms, where we have established long-term and close partnerships. These departments rely on us on a daily basis to provide printed material in any size or format, quickly and efficiently.

Secure Reprographics

Legal Reprographics Services; quality, security and reliability

Our print room utilises the latest digital reprographics technologies, facilitating jobs of any size from run through to glasswork, all on high demand and at peak times.

We understand that the security of hard-copy paper documents is of great importance to you and your clients, so as part of our secure reprographics service we employ our own drivers to ensure your documents remain in our sole care from collection to delivery. A number of our consultants have passed stringent HM Government Security Clearance checks, offering you further reassurance regarding the security and integrity of your material whilst it is in our hands.

As well as our five city locations, we also have the ability to call on our wider network of Hobs Repro branches across the country, proving overflow reprographics services both routinely as well as during matters of urgency.

We also provide a whole range of electronic services such as document scanning and coding and e-bibles, providing a truly integrated electronic and hard copy service.

We’d be delighted to discuss legal reprographics services with you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our expertise:

  • Trial and hearing bundles
  • Witness bundles
  • Complex Public Inquiry Disclosure
  • Large format including plan printing
  • Copying for Property
  • Digitisation of wills

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