Information Governance Services

Information governance services are crucial for uncovering your organisation’s unique data landscape


What is Information Governance?

Information governance, or IG for short, is a set of multi-disciplinary structures implemented to manage an organisation’s sensitive data. Information governance helps individuals or organisations to understand what information they have, where it is, and how it is managed, shared and organised.

Information governance is essential for any organisation’s success. We can identify your information risks and optimise your information assets.

Our information governance experts understand the exponential growth in your data; we can mitigate risks, and turn them into tangible value for your organisation.

Why use our services?

As a dedicated litigation support provider, we have got all the key elements of multi-disciplinary information governance services fully covered:

  • Hard-copy; we are part of a parent company with a royal warrant, and fifty years’ expertise in hard copy services. We understand paper and the transition to the digital age; legacy archive scanning is a core offer of our teams nationwide.
  • Technical data expertise; our in-house team of software developers relish a custom build challenge. Highly vetted by our law enforcement clients, they will examine and understand your in-house systems, even inventing bridging solutions to better manage your information governance risk.
  • Legal industry expertise; our managed eDiscovery services work hand-in-hand with the top 15 law firms, on high-profile litigation. We know how critical understanding information is to any organisation’s success - and the serious the ramifications are if an organisation is found wanting.

Our information governance services lead will look at your organisation in the round; all facets of your information asset, your policies, your history, your stakeholders, your unique legislative and statutory context. They will work alongside your staff to analyse your policy implementation and relevance, seeking out the thought leaders of your industry and working with you to create a cohesive information governance plan, with a direct positive impact on your organisation’s strategic aims.


What services can we provide?

  • Legacy archive scoping - we know the value that releasing and controlling real estate can bring, we also know the reality that even the best organisations have not always been able to control hard-copy corporate memory. Our information governance services will work out what information you hold and where, working alongside you to draw together a workable strategy to control and optimise it.
  • Large-scale digitisation projects - some of the UK’s most important institutions are also often sometimes the most historic. This is where our information governance services are adept at making older information accessible to your teams with modern scanning, search and review technology.
  • Technical information asset mapping - we think data is beautiful, but we also know that wherever data and humans intersect, over time the possibility for information governance risks increase. Many organisations are shocked when they start to look into the data sizes of their diverse ‘data pots’ - we can do that work for you.

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