Hosted Document Review Platforms

A secure, easy-to-use online platform for teams to access, search and review their documents


Simple. Powerful.

We offerRelativity as one of our main hosted document review platforms. Relativity combines flexibility with simplicity and allows for any number of workflows to be created. As such, Relativity has widespread adoption and it is a powerful review tool to search, analyse and tag your documents.

Many of our team are Relativity Certified Administrators with several years' experience in managing both small and complex document reviews.


Access your documents anywhere

With support for a virtually unlimited number of reviewers, reviewing up to hundreds of millions of documents, Relativity is a single repository of documents for your case. Your documents can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection meaning you can continue your document review from your desk or your armchair.

Secure Reprographics


Your data will be held in a London-based secure ISO27001 datacenter for absolute piece of mind. The datacenter is "Tier 3" equivalent which ensures high levels of availability and resilience.

All data transfers are encrypted with the same level of security (AES 256-bit SSL) as you find when doing your online banking.

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