Simple, fast and cost-effective access to your pre-action documents

Flex eDiscovery service

A low cost automated eDiscovery solution from Anexsys

Anexsys' Flex eDiscovery service, is a low-cost automated eDiscovery solution designed specifically for the early stages of an eDiscovery engagement or pre-action.

Targeted at law firms, Flex helps you deal with those early documents you'll receive from your client. Rather than printing, or struggling to open a mailbox file, Flex allows you to quickly search and review the documents.

Flex eDiscovery

Lawyers can upload data to a secure web-based platform

Built using Anexsys' proprietary RTK.Upload Relativity application, legal teams can upload small volumes of electronic data for automatic data processing. Data is hosted on Anexsys' secure and ISO 27001 accredited data hosting facility. Electronic documents are made available to legal teams in a simplified web interface (powered by Relativity), enabling reviewers to quickly and accurately work with their clients' electronic data in its original format.

Anexsys' existing Flex eDiscovery customers are using our service to help identify the facts of the case before incurring significant data processing or printing costs.

Flex Features:

  • Automated data processing of common file types including Outlook Email, office documents and PDFs
  • Data is hosted in Anexsys' secure ISO27001 hosting environment
  • Search, filter, and sort electronic data in an easy to use web interface
  • De-duplication and file type filtering
  • Fully-featured workflow and document-level tagging
  • Export files as searchable PDFs
  • Built on top of the industry's leading eDiscovery Platform - Relativity
  • Supported and maintained by Anexsys' experienced eDiscovery project management and in-house software development teams