Digital Forensics Services

Our expert digital forensics services include investigation, support, analysis and presentation, saving money and reducing timescales

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics services should be straightforward, easy to access and include appropriate delivery for the end purpose. Our digital forensics services are tailored to you or your client’s requirements.

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science, which focuses on the retrieval and analysis of often sensitive digital information including emails and text messages, on devices such as computers and mobile phones.

How we can help

Collectively, our digital forensics services team has over 30 years’ experience of investigating computers, mobile devices and other digital devices for a variety of legal clients in everything from criminal law to road traffic accidents; as well as working with law enforcement agencies, corporations and private individuals.

Our digital forensics services team are able to communicate highly technical and complex concepts to a diverse range of audiences, as well as preparing reports suitable for use in legal proceedings including in the Central Criminal Court. As such, our investigators have provided expert witness testimonies, and have been called upon to provide guidance and advice on a variety of cases ranging from fraud to murder and terrorism offences.


Our Digital Forensics Services include:

  • Providing expert advice on what can and can’t be achieved from a digital forensic examination, giving you the best value results from the agreed funding for a case
  • Retrieving both live and deleted data
  • Performing ‘standard’ analysis such as recovery of internet history records, local file access, recovery of email communication, report on the history of removable devices, and determine how a file or files came to be on a computer
  • Extracting ‘advanced’ data, including Skype communication and Facebook archives, and investigating file sharing and cloud based applications such as DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, BearShare and GigaTribe
  • Confirming the use of webmail such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! and attempt to recover webmail messages

Benefits of our Digital Forensics Services:

  • All our experts have first-hand experience of providing evidence in a number of courtroom settings, as well as giving technical expert advice and guidance
  • Our digital forensics services teams are on hand from our offices in both London and Manchester - and are within reach nationwide by arrangement
  • In addition to industry standard analytical software, we have developed an in-house bespoke tool that significantly improves efficiency and reliability in relation to call data records analysis
  • Seamless link between our digital forensics services and our eDiscovery and litigation support services

We are able to price our digital forensics services based on the legal aid pricing agreement, as well offering flexible pricing for privately paying clients.


For detailed information regarding the security of our services, in particular our nationwide ISO 27001 accreditation, please visit our blog.

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