Cell Site & Call Data Records Analysis


Cell site analysis is the science of being able to pinpoint a specific position, or positions of a mobile phone, now or in the past.

Anexsys' investigators utilise sophisticated data gathering, positioning and analytical tools to survey and measure mobile network signals. The data captured shows signal strength at a particular location, logging both the GPS location and network information for evidential purposes.

Anexsys offers several types of network surveys, including location surveys - undertaken at a specific location to identify which cell sectors can be used at this site, walk & drive surveys - allows a detailed service coverage area to be mapped of a cell sector, to show where the user could have been located, as well as, route surveys: ascertains the cell sectors utilised along a route, allowing the path of a device to be tracked.

Call Data Records

As the number of mobile phones in the UK is now greater than the UK population, and the range of services a phone can be used for is also increasing, the record of communication that a network operator can provide for a particular mobile telephone number is ever increasing and can run into thousands of pages of data.

Anexsys is able to utilise this information, illustrating graphically the movement and general locality of a device user, at a much lower cost than cell site analysis.

Call Data Records
Louise Jackson and the team at [Anexsys] have an impressive approach to all cases and maintain a high level of professionalism throughout. All reports are meticulous and produced expeditiously. Louise and the team are always available to provide additional advice by phone, email or during conference. An excellent addition to any defence team.

Shane Parkin, Director & Solicitor, Maidments Solicitors

Benefits of our service:

  • Offer free consultation to discuss the case objectives and identify the most appropriate investigation for your case, especially in areas you may not have considered
  • Keep costs to a minimum by recommending the best strategy based on the data available
  • Perform surveys at any location in the UK
  • Survey areas inaccessible by car, using our portable ‘walk survey’ equipment
  • Provide you with the relevant contact at any of the UK network providers, should you need to contact them

Anexsys experts perform comprehensive statistical analysis on call data, providing meaningful insight into device ownership using our efficient and reliable in-house bespoke tool. We can identify telephone attribution, wake and sleep patterns and locations and usage patterns.