DocumentFolio Illuminate

DocumentFolio Illuminate: next-generation batch printing and conversion software

Batch printing software to produce and convert folders of files, PSTs, ZIPs and more

Our busy digital services and reprographics teams needed a powerful and smart batch printing software solution. We wanted to cut lead times and increase cost confidence with a product that worked quickly and accurately to prepare and print a variety of native file formats. We created DocumentFolio Illuminate, a next-generation batch printing software solution to make swift, precise work out of printing and converting documents.


DocumentFolio Illuminate takes almost any standard electronic file and guides you through a step-by-step wizard, to facilitate batch document printing and conversion. DocumentFolio Illuminate is capable of producing customisable slip sheets, resizing documents, applying watermarks, headers and footers. DocumentFolio Illuminate also supports extracting native files and text, along with a metadata export, facilitating ingestion into eDiscovery products.

DocumentFolio Illuminate supports over 50 common file types (including the full Office suite and Outlook PST files), without the need for native applications. It also supports large volumes of data with a multi-threaded architecture and identifies duplicate files. This defensible process has been written by software developers at the heart of the legal services industry - tried and tested by our in-house print rooms over a two-year development route map.

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DocumentFolio Illuminate's user interface

Benefits of DocumentFolio Illuminate include:

  • Control cost and only print the files you need
  • Retrieve accurate page-counts and colour page-counts quickly
  • Automatic re-sizing of Excel files
  • Set useful limits to your print requests - by date or by file type
  • Extract and ignore duplicate files
  • Create a password bank to automatically decrypt files on the fly
  • Identify and extract attachments from emails
  • Apply global watermarks, headers and footers
  • Define and design your own slip sheets requirements


We are document and software geeks at heart, and loved building this for our clients. If you would like to see a demonstration of what DocumentFolio Illuminate could achieve for you - please call or drop our team an email.

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