At Anexsys we collect and host large volumes of sensitive data on behalf of our law firm, corporate and public sector clients. Unsurprisingly, when enquiring about our services, the first question we receive is almost always around data security.

Without question, security of our client’s data is our number one priority. Our internal infrastructure is constantly monitored for potential threats and we stringently vet those that we work with to ensure that they adhere to the highest security standards.

Since 2012 we have offered an on-premise version of Relativity, the market leading eDiscovery platform. Relativity’s software is hosted on dedicated servers at our highly secure ISO27001 accredited premises. For many clients, this represents a more secure data security solution than what they have internally.

As access to the cloud becomes increasingly cost-effective, the shift from on-premise data storage to cloud storage seems inevitable.  Conscious of this trend, we began offering RelativityOne, the cloud version of Relativity, earlier this year. Our commitment to the cloud is further demonstrated by our recent launch of Entity, our own cloud-native eDiscovery platform.

Despite the highly secure nature of the cloud. there is still ambivalence towards it, with major organisations understandably cautious about where they permit their data to be stored. For many, use of the cloud can seem like a step into the unknown, with the cost, scale and process benefits outweighed by the perceived lack of security. These organisations are unwilling to allow their data to travel into the vortex of the cloud, despite our best efforts to allay these concerns.

The reality is that the cloud storage services we provide clients with access to also serve the world’s largest and most security-sensitive organisations. They are based in the UK and have the most extensive data security accreditation of anyone in the cloud-storage industry.

So how do we serve clients with different security demands? By offering two flavours of eDiscovery, catering to clients with both a cloud-first and cloud-phobic approach. We advocate for both solutions, as we know our client’s data is secure, regardless of which they choose to take advantage of.

One Step Further: The Air Gapped Solution

Under certain circumstances neither cloud nor on-premise solutions are deemed secure enough for some of our clients who require access to Relativity. For these clients we provide a bespoke service, building them a completely isolated or “air-gapped” version of Relativity, with no access whatsoever to the internet and any other system with internet access. Clients opting for this solution retain complete control, with data completely shut off from exterior access or threat.

Anexsys Enhancements

Anexsys have built multiple applications to enhance Relativity’s capabilities. Our latest release enables clients to view message data within Relativity in its native form. Whilst these applications were originally built for our on-premise version of Relativity, they are also available for RelativityOne, meaning clients opting for either solution can ultimately benefit.

To learn more about our cloud-native eDiscovery platform Entity, click here