Outsourced remote document review, which usually involves teams of solicitors and paralegals working in close proximity, must adapt, and fast. Below are some of the measure that can be implemented to enable disclosure deadlines to be met without making concessions on quality or data security.


  • Provide reviewers with laptops with privacy screens installed, so they can be used securely in a shared home environment.
  • Alternatively, home PC equipment can be used via a thin client (AWS Workspaces as an example).
  • Encrypt and lock down laptops (in kiosk mode) with only Chrome accessible and the review platform’s URL permitted.
  • Limit access to only the reviewer’s home IP and enable Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Disable the laptop’s USB Drives.

Quality Control & Communication

  • Use a business messaging service to maintain communication between review managers and review teams. Slack enables the creation of project specific channels and records all case communication in one place.
  • Monitor reviewer performance by checking hourly review statistics and compare against historic data.
  • Create fixed times for project briefing and review strategy updates.

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