In a world where 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, the scope for litigation involving audio and video files increases all the time.  Be it from insurance companies, healthcare providers, banks or just users’ desktops, video and audio can appear in any legal case, and it is tough to review, as someone has to listen to or watch all of it. 

Anexsys are delighted to announce their partnership with Intelligent Voice (“IV”), to integrate IV’s speech review software within the Relativity platform, to avoid someone having to do just that. Not only have Anexsys provided their integration expertise to surface IV output in Relativity, they are providing secure hosting services for UK government GCloud clients using IV. Today, Intelligent Voice and Anexsys announce that this partnership extends to Anexsys’ new RelativityOne service.

The IV software lets you ingest and search vast quantities of audio securely using its unique ultra-high speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms. Working across more than a dozen languages and dialects, IV’s market-leading SmartTranscript™ technology cuts review time by 70%. In addition, IV provides an alternative word ("Lattice") search to enable you to find likely words and phrases without the over-retrieval of phonetic search. User-driven model improvement puts the power to get greater accuracy in the hands of the user without the need for expensive and time-consuming professional services.

The IV solution is already helping law firms and governments around the world ingest, transcribe, analyse and review vast amounts of audio, in a secure environment, freeing up valuable lawyer time and cutting down on costs.  By providing connectors and APIs into the world’s leading legal platforms, the solution makes audio review as easy as reviewing any other document. Which is why partnering with Anexsys to use the full power of the Relativity platform has been an exciting opportunity for Intelligent Voice.

The new viewer features lattice based search and alerting, for better retrieval, automatic audio length detection, a free audio player, document set based bulk transcription (in up to a dozen languages and dialects) and  perhaps the most exciting new feature is by far the ability to use IV’s machine learning language model builder directly within the Relativity platform. This means the user can customise their "dictionary" using documents from saved searches and or case files as well as importing documents or manually adding words/phrases or acronyms to ensure greater accuracy in the transcriptions, all without having to leave the platform.

“We see Intelligent Voice as the leader in audio processing in the legal market, not just in terms of accuracy, but because they really understand the difficulties that audio presents and the user needs.  They have worked hard to make audio processing more than just ‘OCR for Voice’, and instead have built the ability to make audio as reviewable as text”, says Rob Crowley, MD of Anexsys.

“Anexsys combines a deep technical understanding of the Relativity platform with excellent project delivery skills,” quotes Ben Shellie, CEO of Intelligent Voice. “This means we have been able to develop a plug-in for Relativity with actual users of the system. We already have customers who rely on Anexsys for their audio processing in their hosted Relativity environment, and we look forward to extending that to RelativityOne”