The eDisclosure service framework is available for use by a wide range of bodies, including central government departments and their arm's length bodies and agencies, non-departmental public bodies, NHS bodies, and local authorities.

Electronic disclosure, or eDisclosure, is the process of identifying, acquiring and processing sometimes vast quantities of electronically stored information for review, analysis, production, and ultimately presentation in judicial proceedings. The eDisclosure service framework means that public bodies, from policing to social care, could access private sector support and skills from a pre-contracted, pre-approved list of suppliers without undertaking their own independent full-length procurement exercises.

“We are thrilled to announce our place on this important eDisclosure service framework” Eleanor Pyemont, Anexsys’ Managing Consultant lead on public sector services said. “Having spent the first decade of my career as a public servant, and been hands-on in implementing eDisclosure services on the client-side, I am passionate about the innovation and savings that eDisclosure expertise can bring to the public sector. By bringing in highly-technical expertise via the eDisclosure service framework, public sector leaders can focus their expenditure on outcomes for the public, releasing important time and money to their public-facing operational services - where it matters most to their service users”.

The eDisclosure service framework will allow public service leaders from across the UK to access end-to-end services for a full-range of potential scenarios; from public inquiry disclosure to responding to Freedom of Information Act requests. “Our work with public sector clients to date has been extremely technically and intellectually rewarding,” said Jon Chan, Anexsys’ Director of Technical Services, “our teams have relished the opportunity to use their technical insight, and innovative problem-solving strategies to solve the unique data challenges facing the public sector. We can’t wait to do more.”

“Information Governance - understanding what data you have, where it is and how it is managed - is a cornerstone for public service use of eDisclosure services”. Eleanor continued, “Many public-sector institutions have extensive organisational histories; their individual legacies and the rapid evolution from a paper-based to a digital world has created significant challenges for everyone. Leaders are often managing vast volumes of data across many sites, and numerous systems in diverse formats. This can make responding to statutory and legal obligations very challenging and resource intensive. We are ready to use our expertise to take on that challenge through the eDisclosure service framework and help leaders focus on the areas where the public want them most”.

The eDisclosure service framework covers the full range of Government Security Classifications, enabling even the most sensitive areas of the public sector to access the innovation and expertise of the UK’s growing legal technology sector. “The public’s confidence in all areas of the public sector, from health to policing, is based on trust and security. Second-to-none information security of private sector partners plays a critical role in building that trust - now more than ever.” Jon continued, “Our HMG Security Checked consultants, as well as our ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate our commitment and understanding of information, physical and human resource-related security.”

For more information about eDisclosure, contact one of our eDisclosure team for an informal discussion.