Brainspace is an eDiscovery analytics platform, suitable for the early case assessment of data for investigations and large-scale litigation. It enables users to focus on the data that is key to their matter and to cull what is irrelevant.

Using Brainspace can have a significant impact on the development or direction of a matter, as it allows users to uncover hidden insights within their data, which may have otherwise been missed or discovered too late. We guide our clients through the Brainspace experience, ensuring that they benefit from the array of techniques and technologies that the platform offers.

It is essential to us that we follow best practices when providing our technical solutions. We achieve this by pushing our consultancy team to constantly improve their level of expertise. Brainspace offers three certifications: Administrator, Analyst and Specialist, all of which require the development of skills and understanding of the platform. We recently challenged our team to build on their existing knowledge of Brainspace and urged them to obtain these certifications. Our enthusiastic technical and legal consultants were keen to do so, and they more than rose to the challenge; we are delighted that we now have 15 consultants, across the Anexsys eDiscovery team, with the full suite of Brainspace certifications.

The push to obtain these certifications reflects our commitment to technical expertise and ensuring that we can offer the highest level of service to our clients. More so than ever, our consultants can now fully harness the platform’s offerings, which include the popular cluster wheel, communication and conversation analysis, Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) and native file analysis.

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